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According to the sensor tower store intelligence data, the revenue from in app purchase of simulation games in the U.S. mobile game market in 2020 increased by 61.8% compared with that in 2019, becoming the fastest growing game type in the whole year.

The sensor tower game taxonomy function classifies games according to their core playing methods, thus helping game publishers to efficiently capture the latest trends in the current mobile market. We analyzed the top 100 U.S. app store downloads and revenue of 12 mainstream game types in 2020, and compared with the data in 2019. Throughout the year, we can clearly understand the impact of the epidemic and home orders on the global mobile game market and specific game types.

Simulation games lead revenue growth

The top 100 simulation games represented by “roblox” and “township” will have a total revenue of US $2 billion in the app store and Google play in 2020, an increase of 61.8% over 2019, becoming the fastest-growing game type in the US. As roblox mobile terminal’s annual revenue in the US region is as high as US $746 million, its sandbox game has also become the highest revenue simulation game sub category.

The second type of revenue growth in 2020 is gambling mobile games, with annual revenue of US $4.5 billion, an increase of 49% compared with that in 2019. Lifestyle Mobile Games ranked third, with revenue increasing by 47.5% to $770 million compared with 2019.

In terms of revenue scale, gambling games ranked first, and Puzzle Games ranked second with a revenue of 4.4 billion US dollars. The revenue of strategic mobile games was US $3.3 billion, ranking third.

Mobile gaming leads the growth of Downloads

The gaming mobile game, led by coin master and blackout bingo, is the game type with the fastest growth of downloads in the US region in 2020. The total number of downloads of the top 100 games reaches 163 million, an increase of 27.5% over 2019. Among them, “slots” is the sub category with the largest download volume, with a total download volume of 79 million times, an increase of 4.3% over 2019.

Puzzle Games ranked second in the growth of download volume in 2020, with a total download volume of 503 million in U.S. app stores, an increase of 19.5% over 2019. The number of downloads of Simulation Games ranked third, reaching 238 million, an increase of 11.2%.

Super leisure games in the U.S. region is still the number one download game type, but the decline is also very large. The annual total downloads of the top 100 super leisure games were 781 million, 12.3% less than that in 2019. Despite a slight decline in the popularity of the U.S. market, the global download volume of the top 100 super casual games has increased by 1 billion times compared with that in 2019.

The game type with the second largest number of downloads is puzzle solving, and the arcade games rank third with 316 million downloads.

Comparing the data of 2020 with that of the first half of the year, we find that the revenue of all types of games has increased, and the type with the smallest increase has reached 21.6%. On the contrary, most of the game types could not maintain the rapid growth in the early stage of the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States in the first half of the year, showing a decline in varying degrees. During the epidemic period, whether new players join or the activity of existing players increases, it can bring the opportunity of revenue growth for the game. Whether this growth momentum can continue in 2021 remains to be verified, but our data show that player activity has been significantly higher than before the outbreak. More reading: Sensor Tower: the revenue of five mobile games in 2020 has exceeded US $1 billion sensor tower: successful going to sea in November 2018 top 30sensor Tower: Q4 in 2019 US mobile game market trend sensor tower: successful going to sea in January 2020 top 30sensor Tower: global popular mobile game downloads in July 2020 top 10appannie: mobile game report in January 2020 Top three monopoly revenue of Chinese companies: Mi Technology: market analysis of mobile game buying volume in April 2019 (with download) game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association: in the first half of 2017, China’s mobile game revenue was 56.14 billion yuan. Distimo: in January 2014, 79% of free mobile game revenue in the United States came from micro transaction. Xiao Yongquan: 90% of mobile game revenue was less than 1 million yuan per month Annie: global mobile game revenue is expected to exceed 120 billion US dollars in 2021

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