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The total revenue of “fight in the wilderness” of supercell exceeded 1 billion US dollars From Sensor Tower

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According to the intelligence data of sensor tower store, since the launch of “fight in the wilderness”, the cumulative revenue of supercell has exceeded 1 billion US dollars in the global app store and Google play.

This is another $1 billion milestone product of supercell after tribal conflict, Royal war and cartoon farm.

In 2020, “fight in the wilderness” will attract nearly $526 million worldwide, making it the second highest revenue game of supercell, second only to “tribal conflict”, whose annual revenue will reach $681 million. However, due to its successful launch in the Chinese market in June last year, the revenue of fight in the wilderness increased by 27.5% compared with that in 2019, making it the fastest growing game under supercell. June 2020 is the highest month for the game, with global revenue reaching US $89.4 million, up 90% from May. In that month, Chinese IOS players contributed 47 million US dollars, accounting for 52.6%.

From the data of sensor tower game taxonomy, we can see that “fight in the wilderness” ranks 16th in the revenue list of U.S. strategic mobile games in 2020, surpassing machine zone’s “Final Fantasy XV: a new empire”. In the U.S. MoBa mobile game revenue list, the game surpasses Mutong technology “endless duel”, ranking first.

Up to now, the highest revenue market of wildfight is the United States, which contributed 143 million US dollars, accounting for 14.2% of the total revenue. South Korea ranked second, contributing 138 million US dollars, accounting for 13.7%. Chinese IOS players contributed more than $100 million, accounting for nearly 10%.

In terms of platforms, Apple’s app store generated US $521 million, accounting for 52% of the total global revenue; Google play contributed US $490 million. However, in the market outside China, Google play accounted for 53.8% of revenue, while app store only accounted for 46.2%.

Fight in the wild has been downloaded nearly 265 million times worldwide. Among them, there are nearly 30 million downloads from the Russian market, accounting for 11.3%. Brazil ranked second with 24.3 million downloads, accounting for 9.2%. Turkey ranked third with 19 million downloads, accounting for 7.2%. In terms of platform, about 196 million downloads came from Google play, accounting for 74.2%, and the remaining 68.4 million downloads came from the app store, accounting for 25.8%.

Thanks to the performance of the Chinese market, “fight in the wilderness” has achieved remarkable results in 2020. In China, IOS players alone have paid more than $100 million for the game. In recent years, overseas game giants such as supercell and Activision Blizzard have sought development opportunities in the Chinese market through cooperation with Tencent and other local companies. However, after the highlight of listing, whether western enterprises can achieve long-term success in China remains to be verified by the market. Read more: in four months, the global revenue of fight in the wilderness exceeded US $200 million, becoming the main attraction of supercell in the first quarter. The annual revenue of fight in the wilderness reached US $420 million, and the Korean player was krypton. Sensor tower: January 2018 global mobile game ranking sensor tower: June 2019 supercell tribal conflict Sensor tower: in the fourth quarter of 2020, the total revenue of mobile games in South Korea reached $1.5 billion, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 30%. Sensor tower: the number of successful downloads of mobile games in China reached top 30 in January 2020 Tower: Top 10 downloads of global popular mobile games in July 2020 sensor tower: global revenue of supercell in 2018 reaches US $1.4 billion supercell: a feasible model for analysis studio to enter into mobile game distribution Net profit of $464 million and supercell valuation of $3 billion over Zynga? Sensor tower: Top 10 downloads of global popular mobile games in December 2020

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