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According to the latest data from sensor tower store’s intelligence platform, in November 2020, China’s mobile game products ranked top 30 in terms of revenue and download volume in overseas markets. The detailed list changes are as follows.

Top 30 sea going revenue list

In November, the original God of MIHA tour attracted more than US $105 million in overseas app store and Google play, and won the first place in the revenue list of mobile game at sea. Its top three overseas markets are Japan, the United States and South Korea, accounting for 35.6%, 27% and 8.8% respectively. In these three markets, “original God” ranked fifth, sixth and ninth on the local mobile game bestseller list. It is worth noting that after the new version of “impending guest star” was launched on December 1, the overseas mobile terminal of Yuanshen attracted more than US $11 million on the same day, setting a new record for the daily income of Chinese mobile games overseas.

With the opening of the 3rd anniversary celebration, Netease’s “wilderness action” returned to the top of the best-selling list of mobile games in Japan’s app store. Its revenue increased by 46% month on month in November, ranking fourth on the list.

Matchington Manson, a space-time fantasy, has been on the list all year round. Since its launch in October 2017, the game has received more than 123 million downloads overseas, with a total revenue of more than $525 million. In the global income list of eliminating + operating mobile games, the book ranks fourth behind playrix’s dream home, dream garden and dream aquarium. With the launch of the new book project makeover, the revenue of spatiotemporal fantasy is expected to double.

“Legend of RO fairyland: the birth of a new generation”, which was released in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan by byte skipping, has a revenue of more than 17 million U.S. dollars and has been shortlisted for the first time. In addition to the traditional Chinese market, wonderland legend IP also has a huge fan base in Southeast Asia. Take another IP adapted mobile game “Legend of RO fairyland: guarding eternal love” as an example, the income from Southeast Asia accounts for 27% of the total revenue of the game, which is equivalent to the market of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Therefore, the overseas income of “the birth of a new generation” still has considerable room for growth.

Top 30 Downloads

After one year’s debugging, the mobile game project makeover was officially launched in the overseas market in mid November. More than 10 million downloads were obtained in half a month, ranking the second in the list. In terms of revenue, the game also performed well, with an estimated revenue of about $6.7 million in November. On current trends, the game is expected to reach $20 million in December.

The first products on the list in this issue are “jail breaker” and “truck’em all”.

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