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Embrace the prosperous growth of big products and big user platforms From Orient Securities

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Large user level Internet products have been particularly prominent in the past 20 years, with rapid growth of users. And after the platform traffic reaches a certain level, the commercial value will grow exponentially, and form stronger scale effect and competitive barriers. Our main line in 2021 is to find large user level and large product platform, which will continue to be in a positive cycle. According to the two dimensions of user duration proportion and growth rate and the growth rate of leading products in the corresponding industry, four main sectors are selected, namely UGC (partial PGC), online consumption platform, education and games.

UGC + PGC large user level content platform head, commercialization to a higher level. 1) UGC platform main melody: the era of national creation is coming, UGC traffic commercialization is the key direction. The total time growth of head UGC platform is faster than that of the whole network, and under the byte commercialization iterative system, the tools are increasingly perfect, which brings the industry collective commercialization prosperity. 2) PGC platform mainly promotes the variety leader: in the revenue side, the anchoring effect of series variety price is stronger, and the advertising investment is better; in the cost side, the policy controls the star quotation, the variety guests are more optional and controllable, and the overall ROI is better than that of PGC platform. 3) The epidemic situation in the film market accelerates the clearing of cinemas. It is expected that the market share of head cinemas is expected to increase, and the Spring Festival stalls will contribute to the recovery elasticity.

The online penetration rate has been improved, and the leading value has been continuously strengthened. 1) The local online life service has been steadily promoted, and the comprehensive platform has absolute strength and obvious flywheel effect. Meituan’s share has advanced rapidly, and has built a “food + platform” life service business closed-loop, and the synergy and scale effect between different businesses accelerate the “flywheel effect”; 2) pinduoduo’s traffic growth is expected to be the core advantage of the supermarket market in the whole year, which lies in the grasp of the traffic, the growth of users continues to exceed expectations, and the customer acquisition cost is still controllable.

The platform company of Education (student flow, systematization, platform company) is the company that we see with predictability. The growth rate of the first echelon below the line is stronger than that of the second echelon, and the main line of recovery has been superimposed for 21 years, so the leading companies have strong recovery and growth momentum. With the promotion of new products, online and offline integration is also accelerated. Peiyou online, Dongfang Youbo and new Dongfang Omo will become important promoters for education platform companies to enhance penetration. Based on the trend of offline recovery and the acceleration of online and offline integration of the industry, platform type k12 education and training company has prominent advantages.

The company with long-term game products and big user products has strong certainty, and the number of core products of big factories has been continuously increasing, and the basic disk has made steady contribution to stable cash flow. The competition pattern of the domestic mobile game industry is further concentrated to the head, and the number superimposed purchase cost increases, resulting in the tail clearing of small and medium-sized manufacturers with weak R & D capability, and the head market share will further increase. The overseas market maintains a high growth rate, the overseas market share of domestic manufacturers continues to increase, the top class products of big manufacturers in the past 21 years have sufficient reserves, and the mobile games such as hero League and Harry Potter will enhance the flow of global ticket warehouse.

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