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It is found that 14% of mobile applications store user data on insecure servers From Zimperium

The following is the It is found that 14% of mobile applications store user data on insecure servers From Zimperium recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Mobile Internet, network service.

Application developers often rely on third-party servers to simplify data storage, but the latest research shows that these servers often do not provide perfect security protection for sensitive data. Third party services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft provide a simple way to store user data and system files, so developers don’t have to code servers themselves. But developers often do not provide proper security protection for these servers, so that user data is open, which gives hackers a chance.

According to the latest research released by zimperium, a market research agency, this happens from time to time no matter who the supplier is. After their survey and statistics, they found that 14% of IOS and Android applications using cloud storage have unsafe configurations and are very vulnerable to attacks.

The research points out that the types of data available in these servers depend on the relevant applications, but all the stored data may be used by hackers. These unsafe data range from name and address to medical and financial data of each user.

Zimperium said that after the vulnerabilities and data are exposed, they can be used to obtain more sensitive data and operational processes. Some applications leaked the entire cloud infrastructure script, including SSH keys and passwords for payment kiosks.

Zimperium made a survey of 84000 Android applications and 47000 IOS applications using public cloud services. In these applications, 14% of them exposed user data.

“It’s a disturbing trend,” said Shridhar Mittal, chief executive of zimperium. The cloud storage of many of these applications has not been properly configured by developers or principals. Because of this, the data is visible to almost anyone. Most of us now have some of these applications. The problem is that developers don’t protect their servers, so any and all application categories will be affected. The study found that the categories most affected included business, shopping, social networking, communication and tools.

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