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The following is the 2021 third party payment platform recommendation list Alipay ranked first in seven consecutive years From C-NPS recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: mobile payment .

In January 2021, the China customer recommendation index (C-NPS) released the 2021 third party payment platform recommendation ranking, the top three were Alipay, WeChat payment and wing payment. This is Alipay’s first 7 consecutive years, and its score has also reached a record high.

According to reports, c-nps is the first customer recommendation evaluation system in China, which was launched by chnbrand in 2015 and supported by the special fund of MIIT brand policy. The index “reflects the degree to which consumers with consumption experience are willing to recommend enterprise products or services to others. It is the proportion of active recommenders among existing customers of enterprise products or services minus the proportion of derogators, so as to get the net recommended value.”

In this annual inventory, Alipay’s net recommended score is 38, WeChat pays 30.9, wing payment is 15.8. Among them, the highest proportion of recommender in the “recommendation proportion” dimension is Alipay, which is 51.7%, WeChat pays 47.2%, and wing pays 36.8%.

In the “derogation proportion” dimension, the lowest proportion is Alipay, 13.7%, WeChat 16.3%, wing 21.1%.

More about zikuai Technology: 451 research: Apple pay’s customer satisfaction exceeded PayPal’s in 2015 66% Bloomberg: the rise of digital payment platform has an impact on the Asian credit card industry. The United Nations: in 2016, WeChat Alipay paid a total of 3 trillion USD. In 2018, the third quarter payment mobile payment market in China was 403645 billion yuan in the first quarter. In 2014, the Q2 third payment scale reached 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan. The survey shows that the utilization rate of mobile banking is 19% Far below Alipay’s 42.7% China Cuisine Association: in 2016, third party payment for food and beverage consumption increased by 360%. China UnionPay: 2015 mobile Internet payment security survey report, a picture of “non bank payment institutions’ network payment business management measures” – information map Zhongpu letter: first half of 2015, third party payment Industry Compensation Management white book, Yi Guan think tank: 2015 Q1 third party mobile Payment transaction scale: 2829.2 billion comScore: new insight of digital payment in 2015 (with download) Nielsen: in the past six months, 86% of China used electronic payment, far higher than other countries CNNIC: online payment accelerated the popularization process, and the growth rate of mobile phone users was 64.5% iResearch: in Q2 of 2016, China’s third-party Internet payment reached 4.6 trillion, with a year-on-year increase of 61.9%

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