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Reading report for professionals in 2021 From Zhanlu

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Now I will hand you the 2021 reading report of professionals, which is analyzed by 10000 + questionnaires. In the atmosphere of knowledge and thought, we will meet the “roaring future”.

When the reading volume increased by 1, the listening time increased steadily

According to the survey, the average number of paper books + E-books read by professionals in 2021 is 19.54, more than 18.75 last year. Life long learning gives employees the courage and action ability to “reshape”.

More than 43.32% of workers listen to audio books for more than 30 minutes a day, an increase of nearly 10% compared with the results of last year’s survey. Cough, I can’t help but ask those professionals who listen to books for more than 120 minutes every day. Are you in charge of listening on podcast channel?

50 yuan is the bottom line, reading without “ritual”

More than 70% of workers spend more than 50 yuan a month on reading. But what’s more praiseworthy is that the proportion of people who spend 100-300 yuan on books per month has increased by about 6%; The proportion of people who spend 300-500 yuan a month on books has increased by about 3%. Buying a good book is the best personal investment.

The preferred reading scenes for professionals are still: weekends or holidays, before going to bed every day and commuting. An interesting phenomenon is that people with a Ph.D. degree are especially “excluded” from going to coffee shops or libraries to read. Maybe for them, they are a mobile library.

The video number becomes the main entrance. Choosing books is choosing content

Live broadcasting can bring goods, but it’s not very good to bring books. According to the survey, half of the workers still say they never watch live books. Because of the differences in the internal layout of other live broadcasting platforms and the most basic live sharing function of circle of friends, wechat video number has become the preferred platform for professionals to watch live books, especially those from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

People who can read can think independently. For book selection, they don’t care too much about the busy list, even the “leader” recommendation is just a simple reference. Content and subject matter, publishing brand / publisher, author / translator are the “head nail households” of book purchasing factors.

Willing to pay for knowledge, thinking as a habit

The economist has long advocated that constantly updating skills is the key to improving professionalism. How to learn? How to learn? What do you study? Knowledge payment platform can help us to solve the problems of difficult book selection, less harvest, and difficult persistence to a certain extent. More than 80% of the employees have purchased knowledge payment products.

How many books have you read recently? More than 45% of workers plan to read more than 20 books this year. Facing the future investment, ability, management, vision, life and education, we need enough content to improve our knowledge puzzle.

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