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100-21 global popular role votes announced

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In commemoration of the 1000th speech in the first issue of juvenile jump, which was released on January 4, the pirate king, which was selected as the first national cartoon, officially announced that it would open the role popularity vote all over the world. On the evening of May 4, the official announced the results of the previous part, with 100-21 winners, 31 white beard, 34 Bucky and so on.

·January 4 is an important day for “pirate king” to welcome 1000 words. As a commemorative activity, this time is not only for Japanese readers, but also to open the role popularity vote all over the world, and to publish a legitimate advertisement in time weekly.

·So, among the characters with different personalities, legendary experiences and strong abilities in the pirate king, which one is the most recognized one in your heart? The 100th to 21st places were announced, among which 31 were white beard, 34 were Bucky and 35 were enilu, while former pirate Roger Wang ranked 29 and straw hat member Frankie only ranked 28.

·Here is the ranking:

More reading from 3DMGAME: Jiying News Agency: as of November 2019, the total sales volume of “pirate king” has exceeded 460 million official: as of December 2014, the global sales volume of “pirate king” has exceeded 320 million copies, setting a world record Lighthouse: as of April 2021, China’s box office has exceeded 20 billion China’s e-sports industry is developing rapidly with an output value of 140 billion yuan in 2020《 The total box office of the theater version of “ghost blade” exceeded 15.6 billion yen, ranking 10th in the history of Japanese film. Top 10 broadbandmovies in the history of Japanese animated film: scientific research says that “sinister” is the most terrifying movie lighthouse in history: by October 15, 2020, the total box office of Chinese films has surpassed that of North America and become the number one in the world for the first time. App: 2 In 2020, the box office of the National Day holiday exceeded 3.9 billion yuan

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