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Audience satisfaction of Chinese films in spring hit a 7-year high

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According to the latest news from the media, the results of the Chinese film audience satisfaction survey and the 2021 spring show that the score of the spring audience satisfaction is 83.1, which is the highest score in the same period since the survey started in 2015, up 1.6 points from the same period in 2019.

Among them, spy film “on the cliff” released during May day won the schedule satisfaction championship with 85.8 points, family love film “my sister” released during Qingming holiday ranked second with 85.0 points, and crime drama “anti gangster · decisive battle” released on April 21 ranked third with 84.8 points.

In the spring of 2021, we investigated 10 key domestic films from early April to May Day, among which 6 films scored more than 80 points and entered the “satisfaction” range. Among the six films released during the May Day period, “on the cliff”, “fight against the underworld · decisive battle”, “chasing the tiger and catching the dragon” and “your wedding” scored more than 80 points in satisfaction.

“On the cliff”, “my sister” and “fight against the underworld” were among the top three in terms of schedule satisfaction. While taking the top three in terms of viewing, ideological and communication, each of the three films won an index number one.

Zhang Yimou’s “on the cliff” broke the silence of domestic spy films for many years, with 85.8 points of satisfaction and 85.7 points of appreciation, the highest on schedule《 “My sister” is the first film starring young actor Zhang Zifeng. It reflects the social reality through the story of two generations of “sister” and arouses the audience’s resonance. The spread rate is 84.6%.

“Fight against the underworld · decisive battle” is the first domestic feature film to show the national fight against the underworld and evil. It not only directly hits the social pain point, but also highlights the resolute and powerful national action. It won the first prize in ideology with 87.5 points.

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