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Dceu movie hero top 10 can only be ranked second From IGN

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Recently, the editors of ign conducted a dceu hero selection activity: they voted for the top 10 dceu Movie Heroes. Batman, as the “master” of DC, only ranked second in the list, while wonder woman won the championship. Ign’s voting criteria include the future development of the character, the performance of the actor, the overall contribution to dceu’s shared universe narrative, diversity, and some commonplace factors of the character.

10. Joe Al (Russell Crowe)

9. Steve Trevor (Chris pine)

8. Flash (Barry Allen, Ezra Miller)

7. King of the sea

6. Superman (Henry Carville)

5. Steel (ray Fisher)

4. Shazan (Zachary levy)

3. Harry Quinn (Margot Robbie)

2. Batman (Ben Affleck)

1. Wonder woman (Gail gado version)

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