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Game publishers ranked first in Sega in 2020 From Metacritic

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Recently, the famous scoring media Metacritic (MC station) published the ranking of game publishers in 2020. The scoring standard is the weighted average method, which is not only based on the average score of all published works, but also for masterpieces with 75 points or more and masterpieces with 90 points or more. Of course, games with 49 points or less will have a negative impact on the final evaluation. See MC official website for specific calculation formula.

After the end of the calculation, Sega won the title of the game publisher of the year 2020, with representative works such as persona 5 Royal, thirteen fighter defense circle, etc. The second place is Annapurna interactive (masterpiece “Florence”), and the third place is Capcom. Sony, which released the TGA game of the year “the last survivor: the second part”, ranks fourth, and Nintendo, which is also the third royal company, ranks ninth.

The following is the specific ranking:

1. Sega: “p5r” and “defense circle of thirteen fighters”

2.Annapurna Interactive:《Florence》

3. Kapukong: dmc5 special edition, biochemistry 3

4. Sony: tlou2, ghost of the devil remaking

5. Activision Blizzard: Call of duty, Tony Hawk skateboarding

6. Microsoft: microsoft flight simulation, genie and firefly will

7. Aksys Games: Code: realize Ji Jun of creation

8.No More Robots:《Hypnospace Outlaw》

Nintendo: assemble! Animal Crossing Society

10. Devolver Digital: the bloody room

11. Square Enix: FF7 remaking and dq11s decision

12. Marvelous: no more heroes

13.505 Games: death stranded PC

14. Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed Hall

15. Focus Home Interactive: Mercedes Benz in the snow

16. Bethesda: the destroyer forever

17. Team17: all delicious

18.Humble Bundle:《Supraland 》

19. Sold out: the kitchen is all delicious ps5

20. Raw Fury: the call of the sea

21. EA: Command and Conquer: Remaking

22.Take-Two:《NBA 2K21》

App Annie: in the first half of 2018, the revenue of Chinese game publishers in Southeast Asia exceeded US $200 million, up 52% year on year “Zelda” tops the list: best game of the past decade “the last survivor” top sensor tower: 34 Chinese companies in the top 100 global game publishers’ revenue list in May 2020 Connections: The Simpsons is still the most popular animated sitcom in the U.S Cat’s eye: venom: the deadly Guardian hits 500 million MPAA in mainland China in two days

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