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According to a report by the center for women’s television and film studies at San Diego State University, 16% of Hollywood’s 100 high box office movies will be directed by women in 2020, surpassing 12% in 2019 and 4% in 2018, foreign media variety reported.

The typical representatives of female directors are DC’s Two Masterpieces: “Wonder Woman 1984” directed by Patty Jenkins and “Raptors team” directed by Yan Yuxi. This doesn’t include big movies directed by women whose release has been delayed due to the epidemic, such as Zhao Ting’s eternal family and Kate Southland’s black widow.

The study also shows that among the top 100 films at the box office in 2020, 28% are female producers and 21% are female executive producers, both two percentage points higher than last year. Female photographers accounted for 3%, an increase of one percentage point over last year. Female editors accounted for 18% and female screenwriters 12%, down 8% and 5% respectively from last year.

Martha lauser, director of the Hollywood film research center, said that the current situation is still seriously unbalanced between men and women.

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