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In 2020, users of Epic Games store will spend more than US $700 million From Epic Games

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Epic Games announced that the number of users of Epic Games PC store will reach 160 million in 2020, and the annual expenditure of users on Epic Games store will exceed 700 million US dollars. This is not entirely due to fortress night, as third-party games contributed $265 million, or 37%.

The number of games available has also increased, from 190 in 2019 to 471 in 2020. 103 games are free. The total number of copies of free games is more than 749 million, with an average of more than 7.2 million copies per game.

The number of daily active players on the platform is as high as 31.3 million, an increase of 192% over 2019. The number of monthly active users in December increased from 32 million last year to 56 million.

In contrast, steam announced this month that it had 120 million monthly active users in 2020.

In addition to fortress night, the most popular games in Epic Games mall include rocket League, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, satisfactory and borderlands 3, etc.

Another popular game is “Grand Theft Auto 5”, which was released free of charge in Epic Games mall last year. There were serious technical problems when users logged in to exchange. The average number of concurrent users in the vault advertising series of Epic Games reached 13 million.

Epic has been expanding its influence, gaining exclusive rights to the hitman 3 PC in early 2021 and acquiring a shopping mall as its new headquarters.

As PC stores continue to expand, epicepic’s mobile end has become embroiled in an ongoing legal battle between apple, Google and epicgames, extending to the UK last week.

Epic Games said it plans to rapidly expand the new game catalog available in its stores by providing developers with the self-service publishing tool of Epic Games store in 2021. Tencent: US $330 million to buy 48.4% shares of Epic Games Game: Fortress night’s number of online players exceeds 8.3 million at the same time behavioral economics in free games: 1 small change brings 10 times of payment conversion pricing strategy Top 100 download list Indonesia GP.Bullhound The novel coronavirus pneumonia: the fourth quarter of 2019, the Internet media report, SuperData:2019, online games and interactive media review SensorTower: the “call of Duty: mobile version” downloads 250 million times, the 1/4 population increased the entertainment cost by 4 months. Emarketer: hobbies and toys become popular pastimes during the virus epidemic, popular games promote hardware popularization, 5g promote large-scale application of VR industry

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