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In February 2021, game spending in the United States increased by 35% year on year From NPD

The following is the In February 2021, game spending in the United States increased by 35% year on year From NPD recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network entertainment.

NPD group released us game spending data for February. The US ended the year in the same way as the pandemic, with game spending up 35% year-on-year.

The NPD group reported that total game spending in the United States increased 35% year-on-year in February to $4.6 billion.

Hardware sales were the biggest growth point, up 121% year-on-year to US $406 million.

Nintendo switch once again took the lead in unit sales and sales, setting the highest February record for all game consoles since February 2009.

Although the ps5 ranks second in hardware sales, it is the fastest selling game console in U.S. history in terms of total U.S. dollar sales four months after its launch.

In terms of software, total revenue from game content across game consoles, mobile devices, PCs, cloud and subscription services grew 30% to $4 billion.

Super Mario 3D world + Bowser became the best-selling game of the month with its physical sales alone.

“Goddess anecdote 5: commandos” was the third best seller for the first time, while “little nightmare 2” was the sixth, and two other games were in the top 20.

In fact, six of the best-selling products in February 2021 also appeared in the top 20 in February 2020. The other four are the latest updates to the annualized franchise in the chart in February last year.

The ps5 dualsense controller was once again the best-selling accessory, with spending up 41% to $195 million.

In the first two months of 2021, total U.S. game spending grew 39% year-on-year to reach $9.3 billion.

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