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In January 2021, the US spent more than US $4.7 billion on games From NPD

The following is the In January 2021, the US spent more than US $4.7 billion on games From NPD recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network entertainment.

Starting in 2021, Americans will spend more on games than in any other year, according to the NPD group.

Last month, US consumers spent $4.71 billion on games, up 42% from a year earlier.

The relative revenue of hardware was the largest, mainly due to the launch of new game console and the continuous strong development of Nintendo switch, with a year-on-year growth of 144% to US $319 million.

In terms of the systems sold last month, switch is the best-selling game console, but in terms of total sales, PlayStation 5, with a higher price, ranks first.

Switch’s unit sales were the highest since January 2010, while ps5’s total sales were the highest since 2009.

Spending on game content on game consoles, mobile phones, PCs, cloud and subscription services increased 36% to $4.17 billion.

There is almost no change in the complete game sales list, no new version has entered the top 20, and call of Duty: black action has remained at the top of the list for the third consecutive month.

Although black ops cold war was launched only in November, it is already the 20th best-selling game in terms of sales.

The most eye-catching one on the list is cyberpunk 2077, whose performance problems are so serious that the game was stopped in the Playstation store, and the developer CD Projekt red has repeatedly apologized and filed a lawsuit.

Half of the best-selling games in December increased their ranking in January. Only “cyberpunk 2077” dropped from second place to 18th place. None of the other games dropped more than four places.

The ps5 dual sense keyboard was the best-selling peripheral device this month, while the rest of the market was accessories. The expenditure on peripherals increased 73% to US $222 million.

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