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The list of best animated feature films for the 93rd Oscars has been released, with a total of 27 popular animations on the list, including “strange journey of the soul” and “wolf Walker”, Japanese phenomenal animation “ghost blade”, jiyuantai No.7 by Zhang Aijia and Zhao Wei, legend of upright elephant CO produced by China and New Zealand, and the story “flying to the moon” CO produced by China and the United States The ball, etc.

The Academy Awards nominations will be announced on March 15 and presented on April 25.

Best animated feature film Oscar shortlist:

《Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus》

Bombay rose

Wild girl

Crazy primitive 2

Ghost blade: infinite train

Miracle of dreams

Aya and the Witch

Kill it and leave the town

Lu Bang III the first

Legend of upright elephant

My favorite war

Nose, or the conspiracy of the Mavericks

Jiyuantai No.7

Music / rock bar, band 2

Half the magic

Run to the moon

Red shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

If I could ride on the waves with you

Scooby dog

Shawn the lamb 2: farm of doomsday

Strange journey of soul

SpongeBob: rescue Adventure

Tera Willie: the unknown planet

Magic Hair 2

I want to cry put on the mask of cat

The Willoughby children

Wolf Walker

More reading from in 2020, the number of people watching Oscars is 23.6 million, a record low. Top 10 list of best visual effects of the 90th Oscars economists predict Oscars with big data: the accuracy is more than 80%. Emaketter: according to the survey, 97% of female Internet users planned to watch OSCA Nielsen through social media: in 2015, the number of tweets related to Oscars was 5.9 million 65% year on year emarketer: Oscar also loves social networking people SARFT: average daily viewing time in 2020 is 5.85 hours San Diego State University: in 2020, 16% of Hollywood’s top 100 box office directors will be women; in 2020, “Mandalorian” will become the most pirated resource; in 2020, the sales volume of the series will be released GN: best movie nominations in 2020: creed and Raptor team are shortlisted for lighthouse Research Institute & poisonous eyes: it is estimated that the box office in 2020 will reach 20 billion yuan, about 30% of last year’s The fastest breaking 1 billion animated film “Naoki sakazawa” finally reached a new high of 32.7% in Japanese TV series

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