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Tencent ranks first in global game business profit in fy2019 From Benji-Sales

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Benji sales, a game analyst, tweeted today (May 6) that according to the documents submitted in the ongoing lawsuit between epic and apple, the game business profits of major companies in fy2019 are shown. Tencent ranks first with $6.3 billion, and Sony is estimated to generate $4.1 billion in its game business, Microsoft generated $1.6 billion to $2.3 billion in profits in fy2019.

Game business profit of major companies in fy2019

1. Tencent $6.3 billion

2. Apple   US $5.2 billion

3. Sony $4.1 billion

4. Google $3.2 billion

5. Netease $2.4 billion

6. Nintendo   $2.3 billion

7. Microsoft   US $1.6-2.3 billion (expected range)

8. Activision Blizzard $1.6 billion

9. EA $1.2 billion

10. Epic $1.08 billion

Game analyst Benji sales said that although these figures are outdated, the post epidemic financial year figures may be higher because of the overall surge in digital business spending and game spending during the global outbreak. Having said that, the profits mentioned did not take into account the losses Sony and Microsoft suffered from hardware sales.

At the same time, Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko partners, said today that Sony and Microsoft have been selling Playstation and Xbox at a loss in order to expand the influence of their hosts and increase profits by selling games and game services.

According to another filing filed during the epic and apple lawsuits, although Sony made about $4.1 billion in profits from the game division in fy2019, it also lost an estimated $1.7 billion in hardware. As a result, Sony’s actual profit in fy2019 is about $2.3 billion. Considering the loss of hardware, Microsoft’s profit is also lower than its average level (US $2.2 billion).

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