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The following is the “The king of pirates” ranks third in the list of Japanese comics From MyAnime recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network entertainment.

What do foreigners like to watch recently? Let’s take a look at the latest ranking from MyAnimeList, a well-known animation scoring station in Europe and America. In Japan, the most popular and best-selling “pirate king” only ranks third.

MyAnimeList’s latest Riman ranking top 10:

No. 10: the king is in the world. Score: 9.00

No.9: dunk master. Score: 9.00

Eighth place: blue sea. Score: 9.02

No.7: good night, Bubu. Score: 9.04

Sixth place: monster. Score: 9.09


No.5: the loafer. Score: 9.10


Fourth place: alchemist of steel. Score: 9.10

Third place: Pirate King. Score: 9.11

No.2: JOJO’s fantastic adventure 7. Score: 9.22

First place: Legend of sword wind. Score: 9.35

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