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According to foreign media CNET, the popular Disney streaming drama “Mandalorian” has become the most pirated TV series in 2020. According to torrentfreak, game of Thrones was the most pirated TV series for seven consecutive years. But the HBO hit ends in 2019, raising the Mandalorian’s ranking from third last year to first this year.

This is obviously not a good title, but it reflects the wider availability of Disney +, which had more than 80 million subscribers in December. Since September, Disney + users have surged by 13 million, possibly due to the new availability of Disney + in Latin America. Netflix, by contrast, has more than 190 million users since it launched streaming 13 years ago.

In second place is Amazon’s R-rated superhero series “the black robed picket”, which is one of Amazon’s most viewed original programs. HBO’s sci-fi western, western world, came in third, despite the mixed response of the third series. Prime video’s “Viking legend” ranked fourth, CBS’s “Star Trek: Picard” ranked fifth, followed by adult swim’s “Rick and Morty”, AMC’s “walking dead”, HBO’s “outsider”, CW’s “green arrow” and CW’s “lightning man”.

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