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Biochemical crisis 8’s global shipment exceeded 3 million in four days

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Kapukong classic horror masterpiece biochemical crisis 8: village is officially on sale. The standard version is 396 yuan, the luxury version is 472.36 yuan, and the bundled version is 528 yuan. Today, kapukong’s official website announced that the global shipment volume of biochemical crisis 8 has exceeded 3 million copies. It is worth mentioning that the shipment volume of biochemical crisis 7 was 2.5 million copies in the same period. As of December 31, 2020, biochemical crisis 7 has shipped 8.5 million copies in total.

Kapukong said that since the publication of biochemical crisis in 1996, the cumulative sales volume of the series has exceeded 100 million copies.

In addition, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the biochemical crisis series, Capcom will also launch the multiplayer game biochemical crisis re: verse, which will be provided free of charge to players who have already purchased biochemical crisis 8.

Previously, ign scored 8 points for biochemical crisis 8. The evaluation editor thinks that biochemical crisis 8: village is the continuation of Ethan winters’ story. The game is fascinating and has more and more fighting elements.

It is understood that the story of biochemical crisis 8 takes place a few years after biochemical crisis 7. The peaceful and happy life of Ethan’s family is mercilessly broken by the sudden appearance of Chris. In order to recapture the robbed daughter, Ethan is killed again.

In terms of hardware requirements, “biochemical crisis 8” requires amd as the minimum configuration   Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel Core i5-7500, video card: AMD radon RX 560 or NVIDIA GTX 1050.

Recommended configuration: the processor needs AMD ryzen 5360, Intel Core i7 8700, and the graphics card is amd radon RX 5700 or NVIDIA GTX 1070.

At present, “biochemical crisis 8: Village” has been launched on the whole platform (PC, PS4, ps5, xboxone, Xbox series and stadia).

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