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Tiga, a non-profit trade association for the UK gaming industry, has released new research showing that the UK video game development industry has grown to a record level in 2019-2020. By April 2020, the number of game developers in the UK will grow to 16836, with an annual growth rate of 12.2%.

Tiga’s research shows that between November 2018 and April 2020:

The number of creative employees in Game Studios increased by 12.2%, from 14353 to 16836;

The total number of game development employees including contractors increased from 16532 to 18279, a record high;

The number of jobs indirectly supported by studios increased from 26241 to 30781;

The total number of workers in the studio increased from 812 to 1041;

It is estimated that the total direct and indirect tax revenue generated by the industry for the UK Treasury has increased from GBP 747 million to GBP 907 million;

The annual investment in the studio increased from? 818 million to? 993 million;

The contribution of the game development industry to UK GDP increased from 1.8 billion to 2.2 billion.

OBE Richard Wilson, tiga’s chief executive, commented: “the UK video game development industry is growing at a rate of 12.2%. This is the fastest pace since the study began in 2007-08. Several forces are driving the growth of the industry. First of all, the UK is one of the best game development centers in the world, with excellent game development studios, and the content produced is sold all over the world. The industry is supported by a number of excellent universities that educate and prepare highly skilled graduates to work in the industry. Second, the global video game market is growing. Strong consumer demand for mobile, PC and game console games, which in turn helps to drive growth in the UK video game industry. Third, video game tax breaks (vgtr) enable the industry to grow strongly. “

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