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3% in March 2021 From YouGov

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According to YouGov, the perception score of accommodation giant airbnb among US consumers rose from 10.5% to 12.3% in March. YouGov’s brand index helps to track the overall performance of a brand across a range of consumers.

At the end of February, airbnb launched its largest publicity campaign in nearly five years. The campaign involves a glimpse of how airbnb homeowners create unique experiences for their guests. The campaign launched a short advertisement, including vacation photos posted by airbnb users, which were used to attract people’s attention on how airbnb homeowners helped their guests improve their vacation.

Since YouGov started tracking the brand for the first time in 2014, airbnb’s advertising popularity has steadily increased year by year and remained stable in 2018 and 2019. Last year, the new crown pandemic had a negative impact on the brand’s advertising awareness, but in March 2021, the brand achieved its highest advertising awareness in seven years.

For travel brands, identifying opportunities to interact and connect with those who are ready to travel requires using the right contacts.

YouGov’s research shows that visiting friends and family is indeed a priority (50%) for many Americans, and beach vacations and the combination of leisure and sightseeing / activity vacations will continue to be popular. Airbnb can cater for all kinds of travel, with hotels all over the city center, coastal areas or more remote places.

Over the past decade, rental apartment / housing has experienced rapid growth and is one of the more resilient accommodation categories during the pandemic. However, consumers around the world have different and unique characteristics, and even travel motivation may vary from country to country. This is a challenge for brands that want to attract tourists in a meaningful and responsible way.

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