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60% of APAC consumers want the brand to solve the problems caused by covid-19 From Havas Group

The following is the 60% of APAC consumers want the brand to solve the problems caused by covid-19 From Havas Group recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network marketing.

According to the latest survey of Havas group, consumers in the Asia Pacific region believe that brands play a more important role in creating a better future.

60% of respondents in Asia Pacific region expect brands to use their own advantages to solve the problems caused by covid-19 and strive to improve the quality of life of consumers. While the Philippines and Indonesia put their commitment to improving the quality of life first, consumers in developed Asian markets such as Singapore and South Korea want brands to play a greater role in helping the country survive the crisis.

This is a key area, so for brands, it will be a huge opportunity to activate their brand objectives.

Consumers require brands to participate in competition. The results show that consumers will reward brands that want to make the world a better place. Empathy and brand initiative during the pandemic will be a key part of the product / service strategy.

Other trends include:

The rise of collective consciousness. For the first time in a decade, consumers have shifted their focus from functional and personal interests to helping and supporting society as a whole. 35% of the respondents preferred the collective interests to the functional and personal interests.

Focus on mental and emotional health. 57% of Asians are looking for brands that will keep them mentally and emotionally healthy. This is particularly true in markets like Indonesia, where consumers place psychological and emotional well-being above any other “personal interest” (59%). In developing economies such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines, calls for help are high.

Safety and protection technology benchmarks for all categories. 63% of consumers expect brands to improve health and safety standards, whether it’s cars, FMCG or retail. All kinds of brands need to study the health creativity that consumers can see, touch and feel.

From DIY to dey (do it yourself) economy. 57% of respondents are looking for brands to help them learn and adopt new skills. The pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of self-sufficiency and skill development. Consumers are looking for ways to improve their skills and build self-sufficiency in upstream and downstream business models. It’s a huge opportunity for brands to get involved and build communities.

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