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Since Deloitte’s last survey in June 2020, the CEO’s focus and performance goals have changed significantly. Despite the challenges, the CEO doesn’t seem to be frustrated.

In the latest CEO survey, leading CEOs representing more than 15 industries weigh how the cowid-19 pandemic redefines the role of top management. Two thirds of CEOs believe their revenues will return to pre crisis levels by June 2021. Almost half of CEOs say their staff levels have never fallen or have returned to pre pandemic levels. Most expect the income rebound to outpace employment.

The move to a telecommuting environment also didn’t get in the way of CEO optimism. The survey found that CEOs were surprised by the speed of enterprises adapting to the virtual environment, and most respondents said that the productivity and innovation ability of employees did not decline. In some cases, they even increased. CEO predicts that even by January 2022, one third of employees will still be remote, and 76% of employees expect their company to need less office space in the future. This trend shows that people have a new understanding of work style and workplace.

CEOs see other opportunities as well. 85% of CEOs agree that the epidemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation, up from 77% in June 2020. 70% of CEOs believe the epidemic is building new partnerships and alliances.

When asked to rank many potential variables, CEOs place their hopes for a full economic recovery on advances in science and public health, especially vaccines and therapeutics.

CEO’s focus turns to mental health

CEOs are not blind to the mental health challenges of the pandemic. The vast majority of CEOs said they had taken action in the past six months to support employees’ mental health and well-being. Whether these actions are effective and sufficient.

Momentum is based on the DEI program

The DEI program seems to be the CEO’s personal priority. 96% of CEOs think that Dei is their personal strategic focus.

The way forward

CEO’s future is facing a certain degree of uncertainty, but they have firm optimism and decisive action, because CEO has realized the outline of the upcoming enterprise, ecosystem and social transformation.

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