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Ecological map of China’s programmed advertising technology in 2020 From RTBChina

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2020 is a magic year for any industry. The programmed advertising technology ecosystem has experienced development and adjustment, rebirth and elimination in this year. We summarize the development of procedural advertising in 2020 with the following points:

In the first half of the year, the number of technology companies participating in programmed advertising transactions showed a downward trend, while the number of new companies in multiple categories including dspan increased steadily in the second half of the year.

Most of the listed companies of the super platform disclosed signs of healthy growth of advertising business in the financial statements of the last quarter, although the names and classifications used are not necessarily directly related to “programming”.

The growth of advertising inventory in personal small screen (computer, mobile phone, pad) tends to be flat, and the bonus of new users gradually disappears. New growth points obviously tend to large screen, including Ott / smart TV and outdoor networking screen.

There are all kinds of innovations in the transaction protocol of programmed advertising. RTA (real time API) is becoming more and more functional and even supports bidding, which may bring a new development opportunity to programmed advertising technology.

Due to the positive conflict between device identification and privacy protection, a new generation of exit and reset ID is replacing the old ID system on a large scale. Oaid replaces IMEI, IDFA faces more refined authorization, and large technology companies begin to use their own ID system.

The development of programmed advertising technology is facing a variety of uncertainties, the only certainty is “growth”.

Ecological map updating

Through the observation of the market, the updated ecological map in the second half of 2020 is summarized as follows:

Pdooh (programmed outdoor advertising): add JCDecaux, a media player, and hivestack, a technology company that has begun to expand its business in China and Asia

DSP & dspan: under the competitive pressure of the super platform, new enterprises continue to enter this category, including Longxi media, Ti Dong technology and Shengtong Zhilian

Ad exchange & SSP: new media

Programmed TV: new inclusion of Bicheng media

Measurement & Analytics (monitoring and analysis tool): add a new collection of Huayang Lianzhong’s banner ideas, and adbug self advertising verification moves to this category

Trading desk & Tech: add adsdesk of hot cloud

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