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From flow to retention, we should grasp young people, embrace video and improve professionalism From Research on Huachuang securities

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China’s mobile Internet has entered the era of stock game. According to the data of quest mobile, the average monthly growth rate of China’s mobile Internet users has decreased to 1.7% in the past 20 years. The average growth of usage duration and the number of apps used by users has also stagnated. All kinds of data show that China’s mobile Internet traffic dividend period has come to an end, and the core of mobile Internet competition will shift from traffic to content.

For the sake of traffic: the giants will focus on the sinking market and overseas. 1) Users’ circle breaking and ecological expansion: in order to further obtain traffic and grab users’ attention, Internet companies rely on their own super apps to continuously extend their boundaries, find more forms to output traffic and further expand the ecology. In terms of content, they try their best to improve the content structure on the premise of maintaining the original community tonality, Realize the “broken circle” of users. 2) User sinking and traffic deep ploughing: according to quest mobile data, third tier and lower cities have become the main driving force of traffic growth, and the application scenarios of users are gradually moving to those closely related to real life. Small programs have also become the main way for big factories to deeply cultivate the flow channels in addition to expanding app territory. Small program has become an important traffic portal for many applications. 3) Internationalization and cultural and entertainment going to sea: overseas is still the “depression” of Internet traffic, and with the increase of Chinese culture and the influence of Chinese Internet enterprises, cultural and entertainment going to sea has become an important growth direction.

How to keep the amount: the content form is video. Video is a long-term trend of content consumption and production. Behind the production of video knowledge is the maturity of bandwidth technology, shooting tools and other objective conditions. Facing the future, the trend of video will bring great changes to the original industry from industry, profit model, technology and other dimensions. From the upstream and downstream of the industry: compared with the “shift” content production mode which is still relatively inefficient, the division of labor of video content production will be more refined and standardized in the future. From the perspective of profit model: the refinement of video content production and the accuracy of algorithm recommendation will promote the continuous maturity of content payment profit model. From the perspective of technology upgrading, the advantages of 5g such as large bandwidth and low latency may give birth to a new mode of content consumption.

How to keep volume: content needs to be younger. The user scale of the whole Z generation has exceeded 300 million in 2020, and it has been an important growth engine of the whole online economy for a long time. How to grasp the differentiated consumption demand of young people will be the core factor to keep them.

How to keep quantity: specialization of content production. Game field: due to the changes of generations of players, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of the game, the demand of players forces the upgrading of industry technology, the rise of high-quality games, and the threshold of game development also rises. Video field: video content creation is changing from “entertainment to Red Sea” to “specialized blue sea”. With professional competition barriers, accurate fans circle and knowledge payment, it shows new development potential. The progress of technology also leads to the refinement and specialization of upstream and downstream division of labor, and jointly promotes the refinement of content.

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