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The proportion of digital outdoor advertising (doOh) in total outdoor advertising expenditure has been growing. Although overall, outdoor advertising (ooh) has experienced a difficult year, with total spending down about 45% year-on-year in the second quarter, the latest data from Verizon media shows that in the next 18 months, 6 / 10 (59%) of us advertising decision makers involved in outdoor media spending want to increase their outdoor advertising spending.

Spending growth will be slow, with only 39% of respondents saying they will increase spending on outdoor entertainment in the next six months and 55% will do so next year. However, the survey found that doOh is an ideal place to invest in advertising due to equipment fatigue and the shift in spending more time on basic business, road travel and outdoor venues.

This is not to say that advertisers find doOh buying not challenging. More than half of these decision makers said it was very difficult (8%) or somewhat difficult (45%) to buy doOh.

When asked about the challenges in purchasing doOh, half (50%) of respondents reported that one of the challenges was high advertising costs. About 44% of the respondents said they found it difficult to find a suitable partner, while others found it difficult to manage and optimize doOh work (36%). To a lesser extent, the challenges faced by respondents also included unverified ROI or investment value (31%), insufficient reporting or analytical capability (31%), insufficient doOh budget (26%), and doOh’s failure to reach the target audience (24%).

Even in the face of these challenges, advertisers do realize the benefits. Most respondents thought that doOh’s influence and KPI were higher than those of social media or digital display ads (94%). In addition, it is generally believed that doOh has improved the brand index (92%), and can provide higher and lower channel indicators (91%).

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