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The latest research by IPA / financial times shows that, despite the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic, more than 60% of companies around the world are committed to investing in their brands. A survey of market decision makers from nearly 600 global companies examines how global pandemics have changed brand awareness and management within companies.

In the current downturn, some industries are more likely to sustain spending. It and technical services are most likely to sustain their marketing spending (41%), followed by manufacturing / Engineering / industry (34%) and professional services (34%).

Due to covid-19, business priorities, decision scope and customer behavior have changed significantly:

Enterprises in defense mode

68% of respondents said business flexibility was considered a top priority due to covid-19 and ranked fourth in 2019.

Ensuring future cash flow levels has also become a priority (59%).

Reducing organizational risk now ranks fourth, up from seventh in 2019.

From the top of the list of respondents, their profit decreased to the top of the list.

Priorities change, but the vision of decision-making is short-term

40% of respondents said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the time limit for making business decisions was shorter and 36% of marketing decisions were shorter.

Spending remains agile in most businesses, with 53% of them “constantly evaluating their decisions and releasing funds when appropriate.”.

There are still 79% respondents who think that long-term thinking about marketing investment is the key to sustainable growth, only 3% of respondents disagree.

Marketers are removed from financial decisions

The data show that there is a huge difference between marketing personnel and non marketing personnel when they participate in the investment plan, and the marketing personnel have no seat in the company’s financial decision-making.

Brand strength is more important

More than half of the respondents said that as a result of covid-19, their customers increasingly found products online (51%) and purchased them online (45%).

Therefore, brand strength is becoming more and more important. 71% of respondents said this was the key to online purchase decisions, while 61% thought it was the focus of offline sales.

Companies appreciate the value of emotional information

About half (50%) of the respondents think that the best way to get new customers is through emotional communication, only 16% of the respondents disagree.

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