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According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia survey conducted by MMA in April 2020 and May, 596 marketing professionals in 26 EMEA markets are still the fastest growing channel. Almost all the marketers surveyed (94%) think mobile advertising is effective.

Although novel coronavirus pneumonia budgets have been reduced, mobile marketing is still the fastest growing channel, providing mobile video, e-commerce and games opportunities to attract consumers effectively, according to the survey.

The growth of mobile advertising confirms the prediction that mobile advertising is the biggest driving force for growth. 49% of marketing professionals said they would spend more than a quarter of their budget on mobile advertising, up 9 percentage points from 2019. But novel coronavirus pneumonia also hit the budget of mobile phones, as predicted by the chart below, and nearly halved. Only 39% of marketers plan to increase the budget.

However, a key element of the remaining mobile investment will be mobile video, which will be used for 50% of the budget. Mobile devices are still one of the most popular devices in the world, despite home isolation measures, as evidenced by the rise of applications such as tiktok.

In the past five years, mobile phones have been the most effective medium for marketers, and this year 94% of respondents expressed the same view. Although the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has reduced the budget, the initial sign is that mobile advertising is less affected than desktop advertising. Marketers believe that due to the increase in usage, the effect of mobile advertising is better.

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