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Only 25% of consumers trust social media advertising From YouGov

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A YouGov survey found that Britons tend to trust advertisements on TV (53%) and radio (53%), followed by other types of traditional media, such as print (42%), cinemas (38%) and billboards (38%).

Britons, on the other hand, are much less likely to find ads on websites (18%) and social media (10%) trustworthy. Not just in the UK, people are more likely to be skeptical about new forms of advertising. Social media advertising is the most untrustworthy form of advertising in the world. Only 25% of the global respondents trust such advertising, and nine of the 17 markets are below the global average.

Americans’ trust in advertising is similar to that in Britain, but not so obvious. In the United States, television, print and radio have won the most trust, but none has won the trust of more than half of the people. Although Americans distrust social media and websites more than other media, they are more likely to trust them than Britons.

In India, Mexico, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, new media advertising receives more attention than other parts of the world, especially social media advertising. In these markets, about two fifths of people trust the ads they see on these platforms.

Other forms of digital media, such as websites and search engines, usually fail to gain the trust of Americans and Britons, with a global trust of 38% and 41% respectively.

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