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Outdoor advertising observation report in October 2020 From CTR

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The following is the Outdoor advertising observation report in October 2020 From CTR recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: CTR, network marketing.

According to the data of CTR media Zhixun, in October 2020, the cost of traditional outdoor advertising increased by 7.3% year-on-year, and the growth rate was further expanded compared with that of last month; the growth rate of elevator LCD and elevator poster advertising was more than 40%; with the gradual opening of cinemas and the growth of film layout, the growth rate of video advertising expenses in cinemas in October was 8.0%.

The four major brands of melon seeds sold directly, Antarctica, Alipay and shell are the first to enter the outdoor advertising TOP10 brand list, and the cost of advertising on the lift channel is over 80%.

In October, it product and service industries saw the most significant growth in advertising spending, ranking among the top three in the list of traditional outdoor, elevator LCD and cinema video advertising, with the growth rates of 399.6%, 114.8% and 326.9%, respectively. It is mainly driven by the increase of investment in shell search, original legend online games and homework help app. In addition, in the elevator advertising, the first launch of the original legend online game contributed 22.0% of the cost of IT products and services industry.

The food industry ranked the third in advertising expenses of elevator LCD, with an increase of 168.8%. The top food brands of elevator LCD are miaokelando, xiaoxiandun, A1, Haoji and life space, which account for 78.9% of the total expenditure on elevator LCD in the food industry. In addition, 63.8% of the total advertising of the brand was invested in the elevator LCD, and the rest of the advertising expenses were put on TV.

In the elevator LCD advertising, the consumption growth of household appliances industry is particularly significant, with a growth rate of 615.4%. The high growth mainly comes from the large-scale advertising increase of small appliance brand singing bar. Sing bar mainly promotes its small dome microphone in elevator LCD, and the brand contributes 73.7% of the cost of advertising on elevator LCD in the home appliance industry.

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