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Recently, the 2021 annual meeting and board election of MMA China Marketing Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “MMA China”) was successfully held in Shanghai. After on-site voting, the trade desk ™) Calvin Chan, general manager of China, was re elected as co chairman of MMA China in 2021.

Photo: the trade desk ™) Calvin Chan, general manager of China

As an important participant in the industry, MMA China is committed to promoting the standardized development and prosperity of China’s marketing industry. Chen chuanqia has been actively involved in the work of the association since 2012, and was elected vice chairman of MMA China Advertising Standards Committee in 2019. In 2020, with the support and recognition of the majority of MMA member enterprises, Chen chuanqia was successfully elected as the co chairman of MMA China.

Photo: members of MMA China’s board of directors in 2021

During his tenure, Chen chuanqia actively supported and promoted various activities of various committees to continuously expand the influence and recognition of the association. Under its leadership, MMA China’s member team has been growing, and more and more industry leaders have joined in to jointly create an industry environment of self-discipline, cooperation, win-win and innovation. Under the leadership and organization of Chen chuanqia, MMA China Training Committee successfully entered the enterprise, recorded the cloud classroom series of “science and technology lecture hall”, and carried out the salon activity of “new insights for growth”, inviting heavyweight guests to share, so as to further enhance the regional influence of the association. In addition, in order to enhance the industry’s basic knowledge of Martech, Chen chuanqia, together with the China Martech Committee of MMA and other member units, has jointly compiled “MMA China Martech glossary” and “MMA China Martech landscape”.

Photo: the trade desk ™) Calvin Chan, general manager of China

For this re-election, Chen said, “it’s a great honor to be re elected as co chairman of MMA China. In the past year, the epidemic has given birth to new consumption trends and industry forms, and MMA China is constantly embracing various industry trends, adapting to the new needs of Internet advertising ecology, working with industry partners to issue industry technical specifications, and actively creating a platform for dialogue and exchange to help the scientific development of the industry. ” He also said at the meeting that in the future, we will further enhance MMA China’s domestic and even international influence around the three dimensions of marketing technology, business and talent innovation, and make the development of marketing industry more standardized and specialized by promoting cooperation among various organizations and institutions in the industry. At the same time, with the help of cuiqi’s rich experience and resources in operating edge college in the world in the past six years, and the Chinese customized online course of edge college to be released in 2021, we will promote the wireless marketing education and communication in the Chinese market, and continuously deliver high-quality professional talents for the Chinese market.

About the trade desk ™)

The trade desk ™) Is an advertising technology company that provides the buyer with Omni channel program advertising purchase service. Through the self-service cloud platform of Cuiyi, advertising buyers can establish, manage and optimize various forms and terminals of digital advertising activities. The platform of cuiqi combines the main data, traffic resources and media resources to ensure the maximum coverage and decision-making ability. At the same time, Cuiyi’s platform can support customized function development through enterprise API.

Headquartered in Ventura, California, USA, Cuiyi has offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Read more: the trade desk ™) The first time in the Expo, the white paper of global smart big screen consumption trend and marketing insight is released? The trade desk publishes the financial report of the second quarter of 2020, and the customer retention rate remains more than 95%. The trade desk: subscription based streaming media services may face the risk of “sacrificing” nearly 100 million pounds Desk: survey shows that American users lose interest in cable TV consumer brand report: finding the truth, new busy people in cities — office workers in first and second tier cities marketing insight micro report hot cloud data: 2018 double 11 e-commerce app advertising behavior insight special report hot cloud data: Three Kingdoms Theme game advertising insight digital strategy in the era of artificial intelligence: how to make full use of advertising Artificial intelligence (with download) YouGov: half of consumers think that word-of-mouth has the greatest impact on purchase decisions. Advertiser: RTB improves advertising performance. Is digital media advertising soft text OK? TiVo: Q4 2019 video trend report perceptions: 80% of advertisers are speeding up or giving priority to advertising program purchase

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