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Procedural purchase of display advertisement faces identity crisis From eMarketer

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Advertisers, publishers and their partners are now facing changes in platform and device infrastructure. These changes will have a significant impact on the way they do business. These include Apple’s announcement of a change in IDFA for marketers, and Google’s plan to no longer support third-party cookies in chrome by early 2022. It is rumored that Apple’s changes to IDFA will take effect around March 2021 and require users to choose to join on the basis of each application for cross channel tracking.

A survey of experts in December 2020 showed that they were more optimistic about these changes than they were earlier last year. Some respondents pointed out that there is a lot of collaboration in the industry to innovate new solutions for identity resolution, targeting and measurement.

It’s important for marketers to understand that these solutions won’t become “alternatives to cookies,” which is not necessarily a bad thing. But digital advertising and advertising program purchase will change fundamentally.

The situation on IOS is different, because Apple will soon ask each app to ask users if they want to share IDFA. Without clear sharing options, application developers and advertisers will not be able to do any type of user level cross channel tracking.

According to a survey conducted by appsflyer and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in September 2020, most mobile marketers around the world expect that changes in IDFA will have a negative impact on all aspects, from goal orientation and presentation verification to frequency capping, transformation measurement and multi touch attributes.

Also in September, the advertiser options survey found that U.S. marketers and agencies expect advertising reporting and optimization to be most affected by cookie abandonment. The survey also found that advertisers expect that in a cookie free world, some measurement and research technologies will become more important, including sales promotion research, advertising effect research and media mix modeling.

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