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The new marketing mode is just in time From Content and channel change

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Digital marketing: benefiting from video content, channel integration and decentralized communication, short video marketing, KOL marketing and private marketing have become the most popular marketing methods.

1) Short video marketing: it has original immersion advertising form, good user experience and high conversion rate.

2) KOL marketing: with the help of KOL social chain to reach its fans, marketing information is content, and the transformation of planting and weeding is high.

3) Private marketing: with the characteristics of controllable channels and reusable traffic, it is favored by business owners in the context of increasing the cost of public traffic.

In the face of the new marketing environment and means, advertisers need to make clear the audience, seize the dividend period and characteristics of different platforms, and carry out multi content combination of global digital marketing according to different marketing stages.

Marketing content: at the right time of video and live broadcast, the differentiation of boutique and FMCG content. 1) Form: video content consumption and production threshold is lower, content presentation is more abundant, and has become the content form with the largest user scale and use time. The live broadcast is real-time and interactive, which greatly improves the trust between the anchor and users. 2) Content: with the saturation of content supply and the fragmentation of content consumption, the content of marketing becomes more and more important. In order to apply to different marketing purposes, two main content characteristics are differentiated, i.e. boutique and FMCG.

High quality content has a sense of quality, interactivity and resonance. It is suitable for long-term brand advertising in the circle of friends, long video and elevator room, affecting the user’s mind and shaping the brand value. FMCG content has the characteristics of stimulation, brevity and high information concentration. It is suitable for advertising effect on short video platform, which can be detonated quickly in a short time and exposed and transformed to the greatest extent.

Marketing media: each has its own strong points, put on demand. 1) Wechat: a social platform with the largest number of users and traffic dividends, and rich graphic and video content as well as e-commerce trading capabilities. At present, adload of circle of friends, dau and duration of video number and e-commerce of small programs are in the period of upgrading, and the advertising of circle of friends and the operation of official number of video number have great marketing value. 2) vibrato: the short video tiktok with the largest user volume and the longest usage time. With a high degree of traffic centralization, it is one of the most important short video advertising platforms, and the enterprise e-commerce live broadcast also has a large marketing dividend. 3) Kwai Fu: the largest live platform and the second short video platform. Up owners and fans have a strong sense of trust, and the live delivery business is developing rapidly.

At present, the video information flow advertising is in the release period, with a large marketing dividend. 4) Taobao: the shopping platform with the largest user scale and the strongest advertising liquidity. At present, it is actively promoting information flow and centralized content community “shopping”, which is suitable for e-commerce information flow, KOL live broadcasting and other marketing methods. 5) Station B: Z generation video community, users are breaking the circle for the post-80s and post-85s, in the period of traffic dividend. Good community atmosphere, high trust between up main and fans, suitable for up main advertising placement, KOL cooperation video and other marketing methods.

6) Little red book: women live in grass growing communities. At present, the number of users and the use time are in the growth period, which is suitable for KOL, Koc grass planting and other marketing methods.

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