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The profit level of high growth professional service companies is twice that of other companies From HRI

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Research from the hinger Research Institute shows that in the past three years, high growth professional service companies have grown more than three times faster than the average, and are twice as likely to make high profits as other companies.

In a survey of more than 1000 professional service organizations, HRI defines “high growth companies” as those that have experienced a compound annual income growth of 20% or more in three years. Some of the growth was due to mergers and acquisitions, but the average 90% growth was organic.

Although high growth professional services companies are more likely to give priority to SEO (47%) and choose the right marketing mix (37.4%) than other companies, there is also a huge gap in the priorities of marketing technology and automation. About 34.8% of high growth companies give priority to marketing technology and automation, while only 15.1% of non high growth companies give priority to them.

High growth companies are 74% more likely to make buyers’ footprints a marketing priority.

Employer brand is another area where high growth professional services companies (32.2% vs 20.8%) are more likely to give priority. High growth companies are more likely to attract employees who are good at face-to-face networking, strategic development, research and simplification of complex concepts.

High growth companies are also three times more likely to research targets frequently than average. Moreover, as professional services companies continue to adopt digital and content marketing strategies, such as social networking, e-mail marketing campaigns and webinars, the growth potential is even greater. Companies that adopt these digital strategies and generate more than two-thirds of potential customers online are growing more than twice as fast as other companies.

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