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The coronavirus has changed the way everyone lives, plays and works. DMA surveyed more than 200 senior data and marketing professionals to understand the hardships they were experiencing.

Nearly two thirds of the respondents (64%) said that the coronavirus had a negative impact, and less than a quarter of professionals (23%) disagreed. In fact, recovery from the pandemic is one of the biggest challenges most industry professionals (59%) believe will be faced in the coming years.

In addition, half (47%) expect the long-term impact of the coronavirus to have an adverse impact on their business, although one-third (36%) believe that the impact may be positive.

The positive effect of coronavirus may be that brands are more compassionate and thoughtful in marketing their products to consumers.

Most senior marketers (74%) said their brands or customers showed more compassion and consideration during the pandemic, while only 6% said it was less.

These thoughtful approaches include tailored content and thoughtful messaging (68%), providing content and services that are useful to consumers (62%), and adopting a customer-centric approach (55%). In addition, the number of respondents (about 50%) of the time spent on marketing was reduced by more than half.

When asked about the main benefits of a compassionate and thoughtful approach, the most common answer is around people – the brand’s customers and their employees. Create a true “customer first” experience (65%) and improve the well-being of their employees (64%), followed by providing more sense of harmony to society (61%).

DMA’s latest survey found that most consumers (77%) think brands should be more compassionate. Most people think that brands should help customers (66%) and support employees (58%) through communication.

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