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Us advertising revenue will grow by 15% in 2021 From The colony

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With stronger than expected economic growth and a growing number of small businesses, GroupM raised its 2021 U.S. advertising forecast to 15% from the previous 12%. Advertising at the end of 2021 should be 6% higher than the last “normal” year of 2019.

GroupM’s December forecast included an assumption that the new vaccine would be successfully distributed by mid-2021. According to the CBO report, of the $1.9 trillion US rescue plan bill, $1.1 trillion will be released in 2021. This is equivalent to 5% of US GDP (US $21 trillion). Even if a significant part of this stimulus plan is saved or used to repay debts, a considerable amount of money will flow into the economy.

Large new businesses usually spend a lot of their revenue on advertising. Small businesses may be a bigger factor, but not a share of economic activity, but a contribution to growth. During the economic recovery, the number of small businesses is increasing, and each of them is likely to invest in some advertising.

Digital advertising is driving growth. Digital advertising in the United States is expected to grow by 22% in 2021 and 7.3% in 2020.

Television is still resilient. It is estimated that the advertising revenue of national TV stations will increase by 9.3% this year. Relatively speaking, local TV stations’ revenue is estimated to drop by 15% due to the lack of political advertising.

Other media are mixed.

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