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The following is the In 2020, global live streaming media will increase by more than 70% From Streamlabs&Stream Hatchet recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network media.

According to the latest data shared by streamlabs and stream hatchet, in 2020, the live streaming media on twitch, youtube, Facebook games and other platforms will grow by 78.4% year on year. The report focuses particularly on the fourth quarter, but also looks forward to the full year.

Many of us have had to stay at home for a long time due to the cowid-19 flu pandemic, which is bound to linger in most people’s memories. Of course, many people have to turn to indoor activities in this year, which is undoubtedly the gospel of streaming media platform. The report shows that in 2020, streaming media platform users will watch 27.89 billion hours a year, up from 15.63 billion hours in 2019. The three major streaming media platforms have seen substantial growth throughout the year, but Microsoft’s mixer pulled out of the market last summer.

Amazon twitch’s original ratings are growing fastest, apparently because it’s already the most popular platform to date. Watch 18.41 billion hours of content on twitch, 67.36% more than the 11 billion hours in 2019. YouTube increased from 3.15 billion hours to 6.19 billion hours, an increase of 96.5%; Facebook games increased from 1.09 billion hours to 3.1 billion hours, an increase of 184%. In addition, it is worth noting that the most popular “game” on all platforms is just chat, that is to say, it is non game content. Chat will be more popular than League of heroes and between us in 2020, with more than 682 million hours of viewing time. Neither runner up took more than 500 million hours.

In terms of market share, in the last quarter of 2020, twitch, as usual, took the lead with 65.8% market share and 5.44 billion viewing hours. YouTube games seemed to capture the majority of mixer’s market share in the first quarter, accounting for 23.3%, while Facebook Games ranked third with 10.9% of viewing time. Overall, however, the relative position of each service remains unchanged. Twitch’s leadership position is more obvious among creators, with 90.2% of creators’ streaming time in the fourth quarter on the platform. Facebook games actually ranked second with 5.7% of streaming time, while YouTube only accounted for 4.1%.

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