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Consumer research

Snack status: 2020 Global Consumer Research Report

The power of context report: how does context and emotion affect consumers’ cognition?

Accenture: after the popularity of covid-19, 46% of customers are willing to communicate with banks through video calls

Mob Research Institute: 2020 programmer crowd insight report (download attached)

And engraved: insight report on passenger flow of catering industry in post epidemic era (download attached)

Advertising marketing

Tencent marketing insight & minglue Technology: 2021 white paper on content marketing insight of online education industry (attached with download)

GfK & campaign: brand building and marketing under the new normal

IResearch: Research Report on domestic and international cosmetics and skin care brands and marketing status in 2020 (download attached)

2020 Kwai Fu users and marketing report (download)

World brand lab: top 500 global brands in 2020 without Chinese brands

Report Download

Puyin International: report on China’s beverage industry in 2020 (download attached)

Aiopenindex & amine: list of the most innovative cities in artificial intelligence in 2020 (download attached)

Industry data

Global port and shipping information development in 2019

Ministry of transport: in November 2020, the online car Hailing supervision information interactive platform received 660 million orders

Ministry of Commerce: from January to November 2020, China’s enterprises will undertake service outsourcing contracts worth 1297.79 billion yuan

World Economic Forum: Global Competitiveness Report 2020 – Special Edition

Automobile market

Caritas: 2020 China passenger car after sales Service Satisfaction Research Report

Caritas: a report on customer complaints of China’s passenger cars in 2020

Life data

Nature: the world’s top ten scientific discoveries in 2020

UCB: studies have found similar expressions in people of different regions and cultures around the world

Circulation: the study found that people with the healthiest sleep patterns had a 42% lower risk of heart failure


GPC: China’s game industry reports that China’s game users will reach 665 million in 2020

Report on China’s game industry in 2020: the market revenue will increase by 20% to 278.6 billion yuan, and overseas will exceed 100 billion yuan for the first time


Proportion of global patent applications by Region in 2019 (original data table attached)

Global semiconductor market forecast by Region in 2019-2021 (with original data sheet)

Global semiconductor market forecast by product in 2019-2021 (with original data sheet)

China’s 5g mobile phone shipment volume and proportion from January to November 2020 (original data table attached)

China’s smartphone shipment and growth rate from January to November 2020

China’s mobile phone market total shipment and growth rate from January to November 2020

Q3 global PC market share in 2020 (attach original data sheet)

Q3 global PC shipment and growth rate in 2020

Q3 global chromebook computer market share in 2020 (attach original data sheet)

China’s domestic brand mobile phone shipment and growth rate from January to November 2020

Read more: “in 2019, China’s sales of new energy vehicles are 1.206 million, down 4% year on year.” today’s data industry daily (January 15, 2020) today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “it is estimated that the world’s best-selling mobile phone in the second half of 2020 is the iPhone 12.” research shows that one glass of wine a day Cancer risk increases by 5% “today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019) today’s data industry daily (September 27, 2020) [” the portrait of super high-rise residential buildings: the number of 2200 three-dimensional mountain city Chongqing ranks the first. “In 2016, the global market share of China’s top ten smart phone brands has reached 39%,” today’s data industry daily (June 26, 2017) and “pubg” “Baidu: jumping into the trench of high investment for growth,” today’s data industry daily (December 20, 2018), “Baidu: jumping into the trench of high investment for growth,” today’s data industry daily (May 20, 2019) today’s data industry daily (December 16, 2020), “Tesla’s market value exceeds the sum of nine automobile manufacturers”, today’s data industry daily (December 10, 2020) “National People’s day of the past year” China’s 2020.12.08 “tiktok and TikTok top ranked mobile apps in November 2020” today, 2020.12.04, “2020, the third quarter of 2020, China’s wearable device Market shipped 3. 2.93 million units increased by 15.3% on a year-on-year basis. “Research shows that PC game players have the highest IQ and mobile game players have the lowest.” today’s data industry daily (2020.12.02) “online sales of US Thanksgiving Day will reach US $5.1 billion in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 21.5%.” today’s data industry daily (2020.11.13) “double 11 express delivery volume will reach 675 million in 2020 “SMIC International: 3q20 Revenue $1.08 billion, net profit $256 million”

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