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Search Engines

Wikipedia’s most popular English articles in 2020

Think with Google: UK search trends report 2020

Automobile market

J. D. Power & LMC Automotive

Consumer report: 60% of U.S. car owners support EV incentives to reduce purchase price

China Automobile Association: from January to November 2020, the auto manufacturing industry will achieve an operating revenue of 7235.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 2.9%

China Automobile Association: from January to November 2020, the accumulated profit of automobile manufacturing industry was 478.11 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 7.2%

Data chart

Proportion of founders of different industries who think it is more difficult to raise venture capital in Europe (original data table attached)

Year on year growth rate of vertical capital investment in different industries in Europe in 2020 (with original data table attached)

Vertical capital investment of different industries in Europe in 2020 (original data table attached)

Changes in vertical capital investment of different industries in Europe in 2019 and 2020 (with original data table attached)

Sources and share of capital in Europe by investment scale, 2016-2020 (attached with the original data sheet)

Share of transactions between European enterprises and at least one US or Asian investor in the past five years (original data sheet attached)

Q3 market share of major smartphone brands in the Middle East and Africa in 2020 (attached with the original data sheet)

Q3 market share of major smartphone brands in Latin America in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

User Research

Ipsos: global consumer confidence index for December 2020

Report on insurance consumption ecology of urban new middle class: an analysis of insurance portraits of post-80s and 90s

EF EPI: 2020 English Proficiency Index Report

Investment economy

Nifd: wealth management market report for the third quarter of 2020 (with download)

Bank of China: 2021 white paper on global asset allocation of Bank of China’s personal finance

Industry research

Deloitte Consulting: 2021 Technology Trend Report

Edelman: barometer of trust in 2020

Ipsos: innovation trend of instant coffee in 2020

CMF’s digital economy era

Dharma Institute: Ten technological trends in 2021

The number of steam online at the same time will exceed 24.5 million in 2020

Intelligent mobile phone

Counterpoint: overall Q4 iPhone shipment increased by 21% year on year in 2020

Reuters: Global notebook inventory will reach the highest level since the advent of iPhone in 2020

Magnetic data view: 2020 mobile phone industry Kwai Tai data value report (download)

Counterpoint: Q3 global smartphone chipset market share in 2020

IResearch: 2020 white paper on China’s artificial intelligence mobile phone (with download)

E-commerce retail

Huike cloud: insight report on Shenzhen real business passenger flow in the first half of 2020 (with download)

Taobao live broadcast: 2020 Taobao live broadcast double 11 business live broadcast data report (with download)

Special topic of community group buying: sinking, market efficiency revolution starts, paying attention to supply chain value after low price competition (download attached)

2020 urban development index of China’s cross border e-commerce comprehensive test area

Global third party sales growth of 50% during Amazon holiday season in 2020

Hardware equipment

IDC: Q3 global server market supplier revenue in 2020: 22.6 billion US dollars, up 2.2% year on year

Yiou think tank: 2020 pan Security Industry Research Report (with download)

Trendforce: it is estimated that the global wafer OEM output value will reach 84.6 billion US dollars in 2020, with an annual growth of 23.7%

Life data

More than 300 million Chinese people have sleep disorders, especially young people

Warren Buffett’s famous saying: 10 career suggestions never out of date

Read more: “the sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles in 2019 will be 1.206 million, a year-on-year decrease of 4%”. Today’s data industry daily (January 15, 2020) today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “it is estimated that the world’s best-selling mobile phone in the second half of 2020 will be iPhone 12.” research shows that one glass of wine a day Cancer risk increases by 5% “today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019) today’s data industry daily (December 28, 2020)” China’s overall semiconductor sales in 2019 will reach more than 150 billion US dollars “today’s data industry daily (December 24, 2020)” Maotai will become the world’s most valuable consumer goods company in December 2020 “today’s data industry daily (December 22, 2020)” China’s express business as of December 2020 ” Breaking through 80 billion pieces “China’s game industry report 2020 of today’s data industry daily (December 18, 2020) China’s game users reach 665 million, “today’s data industry daily (December 16, 2020),” Tesla’s market value exceeds the sum of nine auto manufacturers, “today’s data industry daily (December 10, 2020),” Chinese people’s daily average online leisure time in the past year is 4.9 hours, “today’s data industry daily (November 25, 2020),” Xiaopeng’s market value in November 2020 exceeds 50 billion US dollars. ” Today’s data industry daily (November 24, 2020) finds that the volatility of bitcoin is smaller than that of many stocks. Today’s data industry daily (November 23, 2020) predicts that this year’s Black Friday network sales will grow by 45%. Today’s data industry daily (November 20, 2020) ranks first in global smartphone sales in the first half of 2020 Today’s data industry daily (November 19, 2020) “Chengdu, China’s top ten happiest cities in 2020, ranked first in Beijing” and today’s data industry daily (November 18, 2020) “RCEP officially signed, what’s the impact? “

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