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Industry research

Demand Gen report: 2021 demand generation Benchmark Report

Workable: the new world of work

SRG: capital expenditure of Q3 super large scale operators will exceed 37 billion US dollars in 2020

Accenture: three ways of covid-19 changing insurance industry

Synergy research: the global cloud infrastructure market will reach 239.3 billion in 2020

Nerd Wallet: research shows that switch is the most environmentally friendly console in the current generation

Rvshare: tourism trend forecast in 2021

Iprdaily: Top 100 invention patents of Chinese enterprises in 2020

Consumer retail

CTR: China’s FMCG market will grow by 0.5% in 2020

Ali’s mother: insight into luxury online consumption in 2021 (download attached)

User Research

Studies have found that eating a good breakfast can prevent obesity and high blood sugar

China trade international think tank: white paper on overseas talent development of Chinese Enterprises

Deloitte: CEO survey

Morning consult: 34% of Americans think technology companies lack government regulation

YouGov: 47% of Americans use 5g because of a new mobile phone upgrade


Yu Xiaohui: the road of industrial Internet and digital transformation under the new situation

3vision: investigating the epidemic accelerates the digital migration plan of Broadcasters

Advertising marketing

Omdia: Facebook and Youtube account for nearly half of online video advertising in 2020

The value of ten short video content in 2020

Report Download

Jones Lang LaSalle: achievements review and Enlightenment of “Chengyue” accelerator (with download)

IResearch: the transformation of communication enterprises in 5g era (with download)

EOI think tank: operating system report in the era of Internet of things (with download)

Investment economy

PwC: global economy and China’s economy in 2021

China Institute of information technology: prospects for China’s industrial and economic development in 2020 (download attached)

People’s Bank of China: report on the implementation of China’s monetary policy in the fourth quarter of 2020

Deloitte: Bank and capital market outlook report in 2021

Automobile market

China Automobile Circulation Association: Analysis on the operation characteristics of passenger car market in January 2021

Special Committee on commercial vehicles: in January 2021, the production and sales of 478000 and 458000 commercial vehicles decreased by 6.1% month on month

China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of used car market in January 2021

China Automobile Circulation Association: the inventory coefficient of automobile dealers in January 2021 is 1.53

China Automobile Circulation Association: in depth analysis report of national passenger car market in January 2021

IHS Markit: the market share of electric vehicles in the United States is expected to double in 2021

Read more: today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “the world’s best-selling mobile phone is expected to be iPhone 12 in the second half of 2020”, “China’s sales of new energy vehicles will be 1.206 million in 2019, a year-on-year decline of 4%,” today’s data industry daily (January 15, 2020) “research shows that one glass of wine a day Cancer risk increases by 5%, “today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019),” outdoor advertising accounts for 8% of the global display advertising market in 2017 “,” today’s data industry daily (March 15, 2018), “research finds that face value is directly proportional to academic performance”, “today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2019),” today’s data industry daily (February 23, 2021), “most people want mobile phone memory in the range of 128gb-256gb” Data industry daily (February 20, 2021) Today’s data industry daily (2021.02.07) “who: more than three-quarters of the new crown vaccination occurred in 10 countries” today’s data industry daily (2021.02.04) “China’s fertility report: after the comprehensive two child policy, there is a fertility cliff” today’s data industry daily (2021.02.02) “nearly 38% of Americans may choose not to be vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccine” According to industry daily (2021.01.29), “Apple: net revenue of 1q21 was 111.439 billion US dollars, the first quarterly revenue in history exceeded 100 billion US dollars”, today’s data industry daily (2021.01.14), “global smartphone shipments in 2020 will be 1.24 billion, down 8.8% year on year”, and today’s data industry daily (2021.01.13), “top 50 global patent enterprises in 2020” Huawei ranks ninth “today’s data industry daily (2021.01.12)” civil aviation passenger traffic will reach 420 million in 2020 “

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