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Technology trends

Gartner: Top 10 data and analysis trends in 2021

Capgemini: 2021 technology vision Report

Industry research

Ctrip: annual revenue of 18.3 billion yuan in 2020, ranking first in global tourism enterprises for three consecutive years

Shell: LNG outlook report in 2021

Chinese Nutrition Society: 2021 Scientific Research Report on dietary guidelines for Chinese Residents

Comcast: Internet traffic peak in 2020 will be affected by the popularity of cowid-19, with an increase of 32%

User Research

Prolifics testing: the most suspicious 5g technology in the United States

Studies have shown a significant association between late night mobile phone play and poor sleep

Hardware equipment

Morgan Stanley: in January 2021, China’s iPhone shipment increased by more than 150% year on year

Trendforce: the total output value of Q4 DRAM will reach 17.65 billion US dollars in 2020, only increasing by 1.1%

Investment economy

CrunchBase: European venture capital report 2020

PwC: review and Prospect of China’s TMT IPO in the second half of 2020

JPMorgan: 22% of institutional investors think the company will buy cryptocurrency in the future

Report Download

IResearch: 2021 spring festival marketing inventory report (with download)

UFIDA + & Youku: her trend report in 2020 (with download)

Hangzhou blockchain technology and application Federation: 2020 white paper on Hangzhou blockchain industry (with download)

Cathy data: 2020 tiktok KOL Ecosystem Research (download)

Zhejiang Securities: 2021 cross border e-commerce industry report (with download)

Deloitte Consulting: climate related risk stress test in 2020 (download attached)

Ipsos: k12 education industry insight report in 2020 (with download)

Read more: “the sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles in 2019 will be 1.206 million, a year-on-year decrease of 4%”. Today’s data industry daily (January 15, 2020) today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “it is estimated that the world’s best-selling mobile phone in the second half of 2020 will be iPhone 12.” research shows that one glass of wine a day Cancer risk increases by 5% “today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019) today’s data industry daily (March 3, 2021)” China’s number of patent applications in the world in 2020 “today’s data industry daily (March 1, 2021)” people have spent about $100 billion on baokemeng “today’s data industry daily (February 23, 2021)” most people want mobile phone memory in the range of 128gb-256gb “today’s data industry daily (March 1, 2021)” Data industry daily (February 20, 2021) Today’s data industry daily (2021.02.07), “who: more than three-quarters of the new crown vaccination occurred in 10 countries”, today’s data industry daily (2021.02.04), “China’s fertility report: after the comprehensive two child policy, there is a cliff of fertility”, today’s data industry daily (2021.01.20), “Zhang Xiaolong: product thinking of wechat for ten years”, today’s data industry daily (2021.01.20) (2021.01.19) “the GDP of 2020 will be 101598.6 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 2.3%”. Today’s data industry daily (2021.01.18) “the revenue of global chip OEM industry in 2020 will be about 82 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 23%”. Today’s data industry daily (2021.01.14) “the global smartphone shipment in 2020 will be 1.24 billion units Today’s data industry daily (2021.01.13), “Huawei ranks ninth among the top 50 global patent enterprises in 2020” and today’s data industry daily (2021.01.12), “civil aviation passenger traffic volume will reach 420 million in 2020”

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