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Automobile market

Experian: Tesla’s share in the U.S. electric vehicle market will reach 79% in 2020

Ministry of industry, commerce and resources of South Korea: in February 2021, South Korea’s automobile production increased by 37.9% to 260958 vehicles

User Research

The covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the mental health of American teenagers

Studies have found that poor sleep increases the risk of mental health problems

Merkle: customer experience transformation Report

Urban Renewal Authority of Singapore: Sales of private residential buildings in Singapore dropped by 60% in February 2021

In 2020, there will be 8.131 million couples registered nationwide, a year-on-year decrease of 12.2%

Investment economy

Coinmarketcap: the average daily trading volume of South Korea’s major cryptocurrency exchanges exceeds that of the stock market

Compound capital advisors: bitcoin is the best performing asset in the past 10 years

Bank for International Settlements: a survey report on global central bank digital currency in 2021

Deloitte & CPA: report on cross border financing in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

World Gold Council: in February 2021, the global gold ETF outflow was 84.7 tons, with a slight decline of 2%

Report Download

Ipsos Ipsos:2020 Chinese Baijiu industry trend report (download)

Alibaba cloud: the exploration of industry 4.0 in China (download attached)

Didi Development Research Institute: 2021 digital platform and women’s Ecology Research Report (with download)

McKinsey: global banking annual report 2020 (with download)

Kwai, tiktok, video number comparison: competition is tightening up, operation system is the key (download)

Capgemini: Asia Pacific Youth Talent perspective report (with download)

Technology trends

Iplytics: 5g Patent Report

Crossroads: a new chapter of China’s financial technology

PwC: survey shows that global CEOs are optimistic about the economy this year

Guo Mingfu: it is estimated that the volume of air pods will be about 75-80 million in 2021

Japan’s cabinet office and Ministry of Finance: the confidence of Japanese enterprises in the first quarter of 2021 was negative by 4.5%

Valuenex: there are as many as 3000 patents in the quantum field in China, about twice as many as in the United States

Data chart

Total scale of financial assets of individual investors of China’s public funds in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

Financial investment period of natural person investors of China’s public funds in 2019 (attached with the original data sheet)

Income sources of natural person investors of China’s public funds in 2019 (attached with the original data sheet)

Natural person investors of China’s public funds by age in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

Natural person investors of China’s public funds by fund type in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

Investors of China’s public funds by investment fund years in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

Natural person investors classified by activity in China’s public funds market in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

Natural person investors classified by age in China’s public fund market in 2019 (original data sheet attached)

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