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Life data

Journal of Applied Psychology: research claims that “micro breaks” at work can improve participation and reduce fatigue

American Association of health care epidemiology: research shows that toilet hand dryers are more likely to spread pollution than paper towels

User Research

The survey shows that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders

Inmyarea: research shows that 47% of employees pay their own money to solve the technical problems of working from home

network security

FBI: the loss of cybercrime will reach 4.2 billion US dollars in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 20%

Atlas & AV test: more than 600000 MacOS malware in 2020, up 1100% year on year

Industry research

Only with an annual investment of 195 billion yuan in the next five years can semiconductor manufacturers have a chance to surpass Samsung and TSMC

Tencent: Tencent R & D big data report in 2020

Google: block or remove about 3.1 billion illegal ads in 2020

Knight Frank: Wealth Report 2021

Towards 2060 carbon neutrality: focusing on opportunities and challenges on the road of decarbonization

TiVo: Video trend report for the fourth quarter of 2020

Capgemini report: strategic change of consumer goods and retail supply chain

Increasing market power: a threat to economic recovery?

Muzinich: corporate credit outlook report 2021


Lancet: research reveals that reinfection of new crown mainly occurs in the elderly over 65 years old

Overview of global tourism: travel restrictions related to covid-19

Report Download

Hurun Research Institute: white paper on Chinese old wine 2020 (download attached)

Brand marketing manual of station B in 2021 (with download)

GuoShuang: white paper on abnormal Internet traffic in 2020 (download attached)

Second hand system & China Europe Business Review: 2020 China abnormal traffic report (with download)

Blue cursor: Research Report on the operation of station B brand blue V in 2021 (with download)

Xiaomi Marketing & Zhongchuan: aiot intelligent life scene Marketing Research Report (with download)

2020 microblog user development report (with download)

financial reports

Microblog: 4q20 financial report teleconference record will increase the number of R & D personnel and salary this year

Weibo: net revenue of $1.69 billion and net profit of $313.4 million in 2020

Data chart

2018q3-2020q4 alpha R & D expenditure and proportion (original data sheet attached)

Types and scale of operating expenses of Google from 2018q3 to 2020q4 (original data sheet attached)

Google’s advertising revenue scale and growth rate from 2018q3 to 2020q4 (attached with the original data sheet)

Revenue scale and growth rate of Google business from 2018q3 to 2020q4 (original data sheet attached)

Scale and growth rate of YouTube advertising revenue from 2018q4 to 2020q4 (with original data sheet attached)

Revenue scale and growth rate of Google from 2018q3 to 2020q4 (original data sheet attached)

The number and growth rate of divorce registration in China from 2008 to 2020 (attached with the original data sheet)

The number and growth rate of divorce registration in China from Q3, 2018 to Q4, 2020 (attached with the original data sheet)

Number and growth rate of marriage registration in China from Q3 in 2018 to Q4 in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Top 10 brands and models of electric vehicles registered in the United States in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Ways for individual investors of China’s public funds to make investment decisions in 2019 (attached with the original data sheet)

How many companies’ funds are held by individual investors of China’s public funds in 2019 (attached with the original data sheet)

Market share of major global extended reality (XR) brands in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Read more: today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “the world’s best-selling mobile phone is expected to be iPhone 12 in the second half of 2020.” research shows that the risk of cancer increases by 5% for a glass of wine a day. “Today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019)” the sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles in 2019 will be 1.206 million Kwai Tong fell 4%, “today’s data industry daily (2020.01.15)” Microsoft’s market value surpasses Google’s parent company Alphabet ranking second in the world. “Today’s data industry daily (2018.04.18) today’s data industry daily (2020.11.06)” quick IPO listing prospectus and summary data “,” the latest global academic ranking in 2020 ” Chinese Academy of Sciences surpasses Harvard as the world’s first Today’s data industry daily (October 12, 2019) “National Day wechat data report: Zhejiang Baibu youth is the most, reading national history becomes a new trend” October 1-7 data review (October 08, 2019) “30% returnees’ actual salary is less than 100000” today’s data industry daily (April 22, 2019) “100 trillion broadband users will reach 304 million in February, 2019” Today’s data industry daily (March 28, 2019), “Huawei’s smartphone shipment exceeded 200 million in 2018,” today’s data industry daily (December 25, 2018), “Q3 global IOS and Google play’s comprehensive app download exceeded 29 billion times in 2018,” and today’s data industry daily (October 16, 2018), “global AI system intelligence ranking Google in 2016.” Far ahead “today’s data industry daily (October 11, 2017)” how much less toll did the national highway charge for 79 days? Today’s data industry daily (2020.05.09)

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