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Hardware equipment

Gartner: global IT spending will reach $4 trillion in 2021

Trendforce: it is estimated that the shipment of mobile phone lens will exceed 5 billion in 2021

Beijing Urban Management Commission: report on the analysis of Beijing charging infrastructure construction and operation data in 2020

Aminer: 2011-2020 AI Development Report

German business daily: the number of 5g base stations in Shenzhen is 50 times more than that in Germany, more than that in Europe

Report Download

KPMG: Analysis on the development of bank insurance cooperation in agriculture related business

CCID: white paper on world class advanced manufacturing clusters (download attached)

Weimeng & AI analysis: 2020 smart Retail Industry Research Report (with download)

McKinsey: CEO special issue of China Automotive Industry in 2021 (with download)

Mob Research Institute: insight report on “night owls” in 2021 (with download)

Minyin think tank: Research on the development of Hainan free trade port and suggestions on financial support (download attached)

Deloitte Consulting & China Mobile: 5g enabling smart education in China (with download)

Industry research

Digital platform ecology research: 2021 short video platform ecology and product research

Content Marketing Association: technical content marketing report 2021

Future digital city: when city meets digital technology (concept)

Investment economy

Fastdata: China Internet Fund Investment user report in 2021

International Monetary Fund: financial stability report 2021

Cicada master: mobile game ranking in March 2021

Cicada master: top mobile applications in March 2021

Mobile applications

App Annie: top 30 Chinese manufacturers and mobile applications in March 2021

App Annie: global mobile application index in March 2021

Sensor tower: Top 10 global mobile game revenue in March 2021

User Research

Pew: in 2020, the global middle class will shrink for the first time in nearly 30 years

Newsweek: nearly half of Americans support Johnson’s presidential campaign

Data chart

Market share of different types of printers in Q4 Asia Pacific region in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Shipment and growth rate of different types of printers in Q4 Asia Pacific region in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Market share of major printer manufacturers in Indonesia in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Shipment of different types of printers in Indonesia from Q1, 2019 to Q4, 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Life data

Global income distribution: average income by country

Global poverty: the proportion of countries living on less than $30 a day

How much of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food?

Read more: today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “the world’s best-selling mobile phone is expected to be iPhone 12 in the second half of 2020.” research shows that the risk of cancer increases by 5% for a glass of wine a day. “Today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019)” the sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles in 2019 will be 1.206 million Today’s data industry daily (2020.01.15) today’s data industry daily (2020.10.13) “in August 2020, the cost of TV advertising cases dropped by 7.1% year on year” station B: the curtain of 2018 “Real” get the best year, 2018.12.28 today, “the most happiest city in China in 2018”, 2018.11.27 today, “research shows that iPhone users prefer higher order models”. Today’s data industry daily (2018.09.13), COVID-19’s economic shock is far ahead of the Asian financial crisis, today’s data industry daily (2020.03.17) )”Bitcoin market value evaporated $44 billion in January 2018″ today’s data industry daily (February 2, 2018) “ecological map of the world’s most complete block chain in 2018” today’s data industry daily (January 19, 2018) “estimated loss due to cancellation of the Japanese Olympic Games will reach 7.8 trillion yen” today’s data industry daily (March 24, 2020) today’s data industry daily (July 10, 2020) “it doesn’t matter if people are ugly, now women are ugly How do children choose their partners? “More than 70% of China’s retail e-commerce sales come from millennials” today’s data industry daily (December 21, 2016) “the total output value of China’s digital culture industry in 2017 is about 2.85-3.26 trillion” today’s data industry daily (August 05, 2019) “China’s game R & D cities rank in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen unified rivers and lakes” today’s data industry daily (April 17, 2019)

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