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Top 10 reasons for reselling: wife won’t let her go From Today’s data industry daily (April 15, 2021)

The following is the Top 10 reasons for reselling: wife won’t let her go From Today’s data industry daily (April 15, 2021) recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: original, Network media.

E-commerce retail

Emarketer: India’s e-commerce market will grow 30% year on year in 2020

Idle fish: Top 10 reasons for reselling


GWI: Baby Boomer gamers up 32% since 2018

Epic: only 7% of IOS mobile revenue

Ampere analysis: more SVOD users than US population

Report Download

Business “Popularization” and fixed mobile convergence: grasping the development trend of global telecom industry (with download)

Deloitte Consulting: 5g enabling future power (with download)

Multi whale research: 2021 children’s Programming Education Industry Report (with download)

Savills: 2021 China property management report (download attached)

IResearch: China book market report 2020 (with download)

China Institute of information technology: 5g end to end slicing SLA industry demand research (with download)

Magnetic engine: 2020 Kwai skin care industry data value report (download)

Colliers International: 2021 China electric vehicle will usher in a historic opportunity in the next five years (download attached)

User Research

Kailuo China: insight of post-95 women and Prospect of media consumption trend

Stanford University: women are more affected by video conferencing

Industry research

Stanford digital health center: digital health consumer report 2020

FSB report: use of regulatory technology by authorities and regulated institutions

In 2021, Q1 NFT sales exceeded US $2 billion, a 20 times increase on a month on month basis

First finance: in 2021, the per capita income of China’s 40 largest cities ranked first in Shanghai, exceeding 70000

Reptrak: apple ranks 46th in 2021 global corporate reputation list

Spring tea map of China in 2021

Hardware equipment

Smartphone camera module shipment and growth rate in 2017-2021

70% higher than NVIDIA 5 years ago

Data chart

Order scale and proportion of Japan machine tool industry in China from February 2020 to January 2021 (original data sheet attached)

Order type and growth rate of Japanese machine tool enterprises from April 2020 to March 2021 (original data sheet attached)

Order scale and growth rate of Japanese machine tool enterprises from April 2020 to March 2021 (original data sheet attached)

Market share of top 10 semiconductor suppliers in 2020 (original data sheet attached)

Revenue and year on year growth rate of top 10 semiconductor suppliers in 2020 (attached with original data sheet)

Global notebook panel shipment and growth rate from 2018 to 2021 (original data sheet attached)

Global major TV panel manufacturers’ shipments in 2020-2021 (original data sheet attached)

Read more: “the sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles in 2019 will be 1.206 million, a year-on-year decrease of 4%”. Today’s data industry daily (January 15, 2020) today’s data industry daily (October 30, 2020) “it is estimated that the world’s best-selling mobile phone in the second half of 2020 will be iPhone 12.” research shows that one glass of wine a day Cancer risk increases by 5% “today’s data industry daily (December 19, 2019) today’s data industry daily (April 13, 2021)” it is estimated that the shipment of mobile phone lens will exceed 5 billion in 2021. “Today’s data industry daily (April 09, 2021)” the survey shows that 88% of American teenagers have cancer IPhone “today’s data industry daily (2021.04.07)” the total market value of global cryptocurrency in April 2021 exceeded US $2 trillion for the first time “today’s data industry daily (2021.04.02)” 2020 pubg ” Today’s data industry daily (2021.03.31) “the average storage capacity of IOS users will reach 140.9gb in 2020”, today’s data industry daily (2021.03.29) “the share of the United States in global chip manufacturing capacity will drop to 12% in 2020”, and today’s data industry daily (2021.03.12) “71% of all smartphones sold in the world will be sold in 2021” Today’s data industry daily (2021.03.11), “Q4 in 2020, Asia’s smartphone market vivo, apple tied for the first” today’s data industry daily (2021.03.10), “passenger Federation: February 2021, Tesla sales 18318 units Today’s data industry daily (2021.03.09) “the average salary of urban employed women is 75.9% of that of men.” today’s data industry daily (2021.03.05) “research shows that there is a significant correlation between late night playing with mobile phones and poor sleep.” today’s data industry daily (2021.03.04) “in 2050, a quarter of the global population will” lose hearing “to varying degrees.”

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