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20 worst and most easily guessed iPhone passwords

The following is the 20 worst and most easily guessed iPhone passwords recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

In the security industry, there is a saying widely accepted by security experts and it administrators: the security of a system usually depends on its weakest link or the most stupid user. The same applies to mobile phone passwords. Tarah Wheeler, a security expert, recently released the four digit password that is most easily guessed. Nearly 30% of all cracked iPhones are locked with one of these 20 passwords.

The 20 worst passwords used on “iPhone”:

one thousand two hundred and thirty-four

one thousand one hundred and eleven


one thousand two hundred and twelve

seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven

one thousand and four

two thousand

four thousand four hundred and forty-four

two thousand two hundred and twenty-two

six thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine

nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine

three thousand three hundred and thirty-three

five thousand five hundred and fifty-five

six thousand six hundred and sixty-six

one thousand one hundred and twenty-two

one thousand three hundred and thirteen

eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight

four thousand three hundred and twenty-one

two thousand and one

one thousand and ten

The most common passwords on iPhone are “1234” and “0000”. If you are using such passwords, please consider changing them immediately. Interestingly, in this ever-changing world, especially in recent years, passwords seem to stay the same over time.

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