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2021 threat Forecast Report From McAfee.

The following is the 2021 threat Forecast Report From McAfee. recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

McAfee released a security trend forecast for 2021:

1. Supply chain backdoor technology surge

On December 13, 2020, the network security industry learned that national threat actors had destroyed solarwinds Orion it monitoring and management software, and used the software to distribute a malware backdoor named Sunburst to dozens of customers of solarwinds, including several well-known U.S. government agencies. Therefore, the demand for back door security technology in the supply chain will surge in 2021.

2. Working from home

In 2020, global COVID-19 moved its employees from their offices to their homes, making the home environment a working environment. In fact, since the coronavirus pandemic, McAfee secure home platform monitoring has shown that the number of connected home devices has increased by 22% worldwide and 60% in the United States. More than 70% of the traffic from these devices comes from smartphones, laptops, other PCs and TVs, and more than 29% comes from Internet of things devices, such as streaming media devices, game consoles, wearable devices and smart lights.

3. The attack on cloud platform becomes highly mechanized and manual

The popularity of covid-19 also accelerates the transition of enterprise it to cloud, and accelerates the possibility of new enterprise cloud related attack plans. With the increase of cloud applications and a large number of enterprises working from home, not only the number of cloud users is growing, but also more and more data is moved and processed.

4. New mobile payment fraud

The WorldPay global payments report 2020 estimates that 41% of payments are made on mobile devices. According to a study conducted by Allied Market Research in October 2020, the global mobile payment market in 2019 is estimated to be US $1.48 trillion, which is expected to reach US $12.06 trillion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 30.1% from 2020 to 2027.

5. Qshing: two dimensional code abuse in the era of covid-19

Cyber criminals will seek new and smarter ways to use social engineering and two-dimensional code to obtain consumers’ personal data.

A survey conducted by mobileiron in September 2020 found that 86% of respondents had scanned the QR code in the past year; more than half of respondents (54%) reported an increase in the use of QR code since the start of the hubris epidemic. Respondents thought it was safest to use QR code in restaurants or bars (46%) and retailers (38%). 67% of people believe that the technology makes life easier in a contactless world, and more than half (58%) want to see it more widely used in the future.

6. Social network as a carrier of workplace attack

McAfee predicts that complex network adversaries will increasingly use social networks as attack vectors to attack corporate victims. Read more: McAfee: Q4 global malware report in 2013 McAfee: mobile malware trend report in 2011 McAfee: 97% of users lack understanding of the security issues of their downloaded applications – data information diagram McAfee: research shows that mobile device security will be the biggest security challenge in the future McAfee: elderly users start to become sharing controllers McAfee: 2017 threat prediction report (with download) Microsoft: 39% of teenagers have received malicious or harassing information in the digital world Juniper:2010 McAfee: Top 10 Internet search “most dangerous” celebrity Jackie Chan enters top 10 in 2019

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