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51% of organizations have experienced data leakage incidents caused by third parties From Ponemon

The following is the 51% of organizations have experienced data leakage incidents caused by third parties From Ponemon recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

A new report from the Ponemon Institute finds that 51% of organizations have experienced data leakage caused by third parties. Securelink and Ponemon Research Institute jointly released a new report entitled “the crisis of third party remote access security”, which reveals the striking disconnection between the third party access threat that an organization considers and the security measures of its employees.

The survey results show that most enterprises do not take necessary measures to reduce the risk of third-party remote access, and make their network face the risk of security and non-compliance. As a result, 44% of enterprises have experienced loopholes in the past 12 months, and 74% of them said it was caused by giving too much privileged access to third parties.

While many companies continue to outsource key business processes to third parties, more than half of the respondents (51%) said that their companies did not assess the security and privacy practices of all third parties before allowing them access to sensitive and confidential information. The report stressed that while many organizations view third-party remote access as a security threat, it is not a priority, despite the increasing number and complexity of cyber attacks around them.

If an organization adopts a fatalistic approach to third-party risk management, it is certainly not a “if” issue, but a “when”, “how” and “how much”. Signed contracts, good reputation and compliance checklists are important starting points for protecting third party relationships. But that’s not enough, especially at a time when hacking is booming because of the new way of working remotely.

The purpose of this report is to provide senior decision makers with information about remote access by third parties so that they can stay ahead of the inevitable threats. It’s also to help them understand that the problem is not just protecting the data of individual organizations, but protecting the data belonging to customers, partners and the whole community.

The study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of securelink, included responses from 627 individuals involved in its organization’s management of remote third-party data risks. Respondents are located in North America and span six industries, including financial services, health and pharmaceuticals, public sector, services, and industry and manufacturing.

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