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67% of executives worry about network security risks From Gartner

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Gartner surveyed 165 senior managers around the world and found that the failure of network security control was listed as the biggest emerging risk.

Despite the myriad risks posed by the pandemic, such as the new work environment and concerns about environmental, social and Governance (ESG), there was significant consistency in cyber security risks across all geographic regions and most industries, with 67% of respondents choosing. The second is “new work mode”, with 43% of senior executives choosing it.

Matt shinkman, vice president of risk and audit operations at Gartner, said: “due to the initial pandemic response, many companies were forced to quickly repair serious operational gaps. In terms of network security policy, there is nothing more obvious than local security taking precedence over remote work network security. Executives in charge of these areas realize that it’s time to develop more sustainable and stronger policies. “

The internal risk related to the company’s operation and cultural ability is still the most urgent for senior executives, and is one of the top five emerging risks, although the external risk has not been alleviated, including coping with the global vaccine imbalance, increasing ESG regulatory requirements and imminent changes in the company’s tax environment.

High influence, high risk

Executives’ concerns about the failure of cyber security controls are rooted in the rush to telecommuting caused by the pandemic and the ensuing blockade. It teams were forced to rapidly expand VPN access across the organization. The security team must immediately readjust its risk posture from focusing on ensuring the security of local operations to dynamically formulating remote work access policies. Although access management is the focus of the initial response, executives have reached a consensus: teleworking has become a permanent feature of the new work environment, which requires more work.

In addition to ranking first in the list of emerging risks, network security control failure also ranks third in “risk speed”. Read more: Gartner: risks and opportunities brought by top 10 digital giants in Asia Pacific region 52% of legal and compliance executives are worried about third-party network security risks Unable to pass 2015 Basic Security Test Research Report: how to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption Spend $1.5 billion on information security products and services Gartner: global network security spending will reach $86.4 billion in 2017 Gartner: Magic Quadrant of web application firewall in 2019

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